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Economic Survey: From Cricket Team to Malgudi Days and 3 Idiots, CEA Subramanian mentioned these things

The cover of Economic Survey 2020-21 is dedicated to COVID Warriors.

Economic Survey 2020-21: The Economic Survey 2020-21 was presented in the Parliament on Friday by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. After this, Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) of the country, KV Subramanian shared the details of the economic survey with everyone. The cover of Economic Survey 2020-21 is dedicated to COVID Warriors. During this time CEA connected some important points of the survey. These things are related to the Indian cricket team, a saying from the Mahabharata, a story from Malgudi Days and a scene from the movie Three Idiots. Let us know for which aspect of the economic survey the CEA took what interesting thing –

V shape recovery of the economy

The CEA said that after suffering a setback from the pandemic, the economy will register a similar recovery as the V-Shape performance given by the Indian cricket team at the Gaba Cricket Ground in Australia. Where the Indian team had no chance of winning and where we made the series our name.

India’s response against the epidemic

The CEA showed through a slide during the presentation that India’s response against the epidemic was inspired by the humanitarian principles outlined in the Mahabharata. this is gospel- ‘Aapadi Pran Raksha’

That is, it is religion to protect the disaster-stricken organism. CEA said that early lockdown was imposed so that people’s lives could be saved. India’s policy response against COVID-19 kept in mind that GDP growth will return, but people’s lives should not be lost. Early lockdown saved lives and helped in faster recovery.

Why did you mention Malgudi Days

The CEA told about an interesting episode of Malgudi Days serial and how it should be the method of growth. In Malgudi Days, a boy named Swami was very good in mathematics. He always brought 100 out of 100. His friend Shankar came to number 60 out of 100. The headmaster gave 20 numbers out of 100 of Swami to Shankar, which Swami did not like. Swami went to his house and cried to his mother, saying that I will no longer read because what benefit was given to my 20 marks to Shankar. At the same time, Shankar was happy with his mother and said that I do not need to read now because the headmaster sir himself gives me 20 numbers. Swami also asked his mother why the headmaster did not teach Shankar more so that more numbers would come to him, rather than giving my numbers to him. I have 100 of my hard work and 80 with his hard work. In this way, the total number of both of us will be 180, instead of 160.

Swami’s suggested method is right for development and this is the work India is doing. Those who are weak, they can be made better by paying more hard work and attention rather than those who are better, by giving their development to the weak. Inequality can also be removed and grooved by this. Given the level of development of India, the country should continue to focus on economic growth so that the poor can be brought out of poverty.

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3 Idiots and Ayushman India

CEA recounts the scene of the film 3 Idiots when Farhan and Rancho go to Raju’s house for dinner. In the scene, Raju’s mother tells how the expenses of Raju’s father’s treatment are increasing day by day. A large part of the salary is going towards those expenses. The rest of the salary is going to the house expenses and the money is not able to be added for the sister’s wedding.

CEA said that this scene reflects the situation of many families in India. Those who do not have enough money to bear big health expenses. Major treatments are quite expensive. To solve this problem, Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana was introduced in the country. Expenditure beyond the reach of ordinary families can be reduced from 65 per cent to 35 per cent by spending 2.5 per cent of GDP on public healthcare.


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