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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Coal Crisis: Only 4 days stock of coal in the country; India may drown in darkness due to power crisis, factories may come to a standstill

Only four days of coal stock is left in the country. The shortage of coal has troubled the government for some time now. Due to the shortage of coal, there may be a big disaster on the power sector and the country may have to face a huge energy crisis. Power Minister RK Singh has said in an interview to ‘Indian Express’ that at the end of this month, only four days’ stock was left in the power stations of the country. Such a coal crisis had not been seen in recent years. In August, the country’s power stations had an average coal stock of 13 days. It may take more than six months for the country to come back from this crisis situation to normalcy.

Huge reduction in coal production

Due to the decrease in the production of coal in the country, its stock is almost on the verge of being exhausted. Therefore, more than half the power generating plants have been put on alert. The Power Minister said that he does not know whether he will get rest for the next five-six months as the coal crisis is unprecedented. RK Singh said that the situation is very bad for the last one week. Only three days of coal stock is left in thermal power plants producing 40 to 50 GW of electricity in the country.

Speed ​​in service sector even in September, jobs increased for the first time in 10 months

Meeting of officials of ministry and coal companies

The coal power generation capacity in the country is 203 GW. 70 percent of our electricity is generated from coal. The demand for electricity in the country is going to increase significantly in the next few years. Several central ministries are currently contemplating measures to increase the production of coal mines in collaboration with Coal India and NTPC. At present, coal mining companies will give coal first to those companies who have paid the dues.

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