10 great apps to earn money from online mobile apps sitting at home.

Today there are many applications available to earn money from online mobile apps sitting at home. Although these apps offer money for playing games, completing a survey, or referring others. A person can earn from them, but cannot earn so much that he does not need to do any other work.

Here through this article, we will try to tell about some such applications, from which any interested person can earn money from online mobile apps sitting at home. Today when many activities are closed globally due to the Corona epidemic. In such a situation, people are looking for some such small businesses, which they can complete online from their homes.

But just like setting up and running a business in a market takes a lot of time. Similarly, setting up an online business also takes a lot of time. You can hardly start any such business right here. Which should become your source of earning from day one.

Yes, there are also ideas from which you can start earning from day one, but all those ideas are based on the investment. And they are also more at risk. So if you want to earn money online sitting at home, not much but worth your pocket money. So maybe you can try to earn money from the below mentioned mobile apps.

1. How To Earn Money With Roz Dhan Mobile Apps

Talking about Rozdhan App, it is a video sharing platform, which means people can share videos through this app. Through this app, you can share videos with friends and family members to anyone on your contact list. Apart from this, the availability of this mobile app is in almost every language, even regional languages ​​are included in it. And these features of this app widen the acceptance area of ​​this app.

As far as earning money from Roz Dhan mobile apps is concerned, this app rewards each user from Rs.25 to Rs.50 on their successful registration. Apart from this, you can also earn money from this mobile app through a referral code in your contacts. Overall, any person can earn money through this app by taking part in the micro quiz, downloading and sharing videos, uploading interesting videos. And in this, when your earning reaches 200 rupees, then you can withdraw it through Paytm.

2. Loco earn money with mobile apps

If we talk about Loco Mobile App, then it is a quiz based app. From which it is clear that to earn money from this mobile app, you have to win that questionnaire by answering the questions correctly. Although most of the questions asked in the quiz are related to general knowledge. But the reward given in the questionnaire is determined by looking at the difficulty level of the questionnaire.

That is to say, the more complex the questionnaire, the more reward will be fixed for it. So to earn money from these mobile apps you have to conquer even the most complicated quizzes. Although games like Ludo, Carrom, Pool etc. can also be played through this app. But among all this quiz is very popular in this app.

3. Where Apps earn money from

We all know that man is a social animal. And in this society, this process of buying and selling is going on since ancient times. To earn money from this mobile app, a person has to buy at wholesale prices and sell it in retail by adding his profit to it.

This mobile app was established in 2015 by some people studying at IIT. And it was the first app that received funding from Facebook. By the way, this app is a new page in the book of retail business. To earn money from this mobile app, you have to first buy any item at wholesale rates, and then sell it at retail rates adding your profit.

If any interested person wants, he can earn a lot by setting up his business through this app. Presently thousands of millions of people in India are earning their money from this app by working according to their capacity.

4. U Speak We Pay

As the name suggests, this mobile To earn money from apps, you have to speak in your own voice. Now you will ask why would anyone give us money instead of speaking well. So would like to tell you that this is one such mobile app. In which after registering you are given files in text format. After reading those you have to record in your own voice.

The special thing is that this app is available in different languages. That is, to earn money from this mobile app, it is not necessary that you have to speak English only. Rather, you can record your voice in any language that you know well. However, in which language you can record the text, it is already told to you.

You are earning through this app will depend on the tasks completed by you. The more tasks you can complete, the more you will be able to earn. And the amount of earning will depend on the accuracy and pronunciation of the words spoken by you. When you have Rs.25 in your account, you can transfer it to your Paytm account.

5. Dream 11 how to earn money with mobile apps

Whenever it comes to Fantasy Gaming Apps, Dream 11 App is always mentioned in them. That is to say, it is a very popular app among fantasy gaming apps. This app was created in 2008, but it was not so popular in the early stages. But at present, this app has set new dimensions of success, and it has achieved great fame and success.

To earn money from this mobile app, you have to wait for cricket matches. That is when the matches of IPL i.e. Indian Premier League are going on. Then you have to create your own team in this app. If the players in your team perform well during the match, then you can also earn lakhs of rupees. Presently more than 100 million active users are connected with this mobile app.

6. Sheroes earn money with mobile apps

This app is specially designed for the women fraternity. That is to say that it is a big social networking and personal app made for women. Here women share videos and posts according to their interests. Apart from this, this app also works towards the welfare and empowerment of women and also helps in providing opportunities to women to earn from home.

If you are a woman, then to earn money from this mobile app, you have to adopt the business ideas and opportunities given in it. This app provides opportunities for women to earn even without any professional degree.

7. Earn Karo mobile app

If we talk about Earn Karo App, then it is a social cashback app. A social cashback app refers to an app that provides cash back in exchange for sharing a deal or offer on social media. To earn money from this mobile app, you have to share the deals and offers in this app with your friends and contacts.

This app is used by various e-commerce websites and influencers, in this app, you can earn real money. That is, no point, not Paytm cash but direct money, you can earn from this app.

8. Google Opinion Award

Google Opinion Rewards is an application created by Google. To earn money from these mobile apps, any person has to complete the surveys given by Google. Google uses the feedback received in these surveys to improve its products. Although it is said that the survey is done on any general topic.

And to earn money from these mobile apps you have to participate in the survey, and share your opinion on that particular topic. Google rewards you for completing these surveys, but this reward is digital. And you can only do this by buying paid apps and games from Google Play Store only.

9. mCent earn money from apps

mCent is an app that helps its user to earn or win data packs. Currently, almost every adult person has a smartphone and that smartphone will also have a data pack. But since most smartphones have prepaid plans, this data plan will run out at some point. After that, you will have to spend money to buy a data plan.

But even though money is not earned from this mobile app, but it gives its user every action that a user does on the internet. Which includes everything from browsing, reading news, watching videos and movies, watching Facebook. In exchange, you get an opportunity to earn data packs.

To earn mobile data from this app you have to use the inbuilt browser of this app to complete all the internet processes without using the google chrome browser. Although this browser also has all the functions that any other browser has. The advantage of using it is that you keep getting points, and you can use those points to buy mobile data packs.

10. Task Bucks earn money with mobile apps

This mobile app called Task bucks is also very popular and is widely known for providing Paytm cash and free recharge. To earn money from this mobile app, you can download and install it. And by registering, you can complete the tasks and offers.

Apart from this, you can also earn money from these mobile apps by referring others and winning daily contests. And then you can spend that money in Paytm cash or by recharging mobile or other.

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