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10 Easy Ways To Earn Money From Home Sitting Mobile

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone available on which you will be using many social media tools like Facebook, WhatsApp and other apps and Google. With the help of mobile, you can get everything easily through the Internet, just a click is delayed.

But have you ever thought that through the smartphone you have, you can not only get information but also earn money? Yes, you heard right Nowadays, many people are making money online with the help of mobile. If you are also thinking about making money from mobile, then today we will tell you how to do it and also you will give information about how you can start it.

What do you need to earn money from mobile?

  • First of all, you must have a smartphone.
  • After that, you should have a good internet connection.
  • There should be a bank account which is linked to your mobile number.
  • Any government recognized ID.

Ways to earn money from mobile

Now let us know in which ways you can reduce money from mobile:

# 1. Blogging or writing articles on mobile

If you are interested in writing and can write good content, then you can start your website and earn money by writing articles on it. Yes, you write something every day and put it on the website. Apart from this, you can also do the work of freelance writing, in which you will write articles for another company and that company will pay you money for that.

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#2. Affiliate Marketing from mobile

Many big websites give you their money to sell their products like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm etc. If you write an article, then you can put an affiliate link of a product in it. If a user clicks on that link and purchases that product, then you will get some money as a commission from that company.

# 3. By reselling

The very company will also pay you for reselling your product such as SHECO which is the market community under the SHEROES company. For example, like a shopkeeper buying goods from a wholesale seller at a lower price and selling it to his customers by increasing the price, in the same way, you can sell any product from it to your customers for more than its value and make money. is.

Apart from this, you can also sell your made products on such a website or app. You will also get a lot of benefit from this. Just you have to promote your product or someone else’s product properly so that it is bought as much as possible.

# 4. Via Whatsapp

You can also earn money with the help of Whatsapp, in which you can earn money as a commission by sharing a link to your website or app or a link to a product. You can send these links to groups of WhatsApp or people you know and encourage them to buy the product or read an article for which you will get money.

Easy ways to make money with Whatsapp,

# 5. With Youtube

If you are interested in making videos and can make good quality videos then you can earn money in this field too. This will not only get you money but also fame. All you have to do is make some interesting video and make a channel on youtube and upload it. Based on every definite view on it, the money will come into your account.

# 6. Via Google pay

It is an easy way to send money from online bank to bank, with the help of which you can earn money without paying any charge. In this, you can earn money in two ways: One is Referral and the second is the coupon received on sending money.

If you give your referral link to a friend or relative and he installs it, you will get money for that. Similarly, if you transfer money to someone, you will get a scratch card from which you can earn money.

Make Mobile App, earn money, you can earn millions every month by making an app for free, learn the whole process

# 7. Facebook on mobile

You can also earn money by creating your page or group on Facebook and adding a logo to it and then advertising a company. For this, you will have to put some interesting information on your page or group every day, so that more and more people get connected.

#8. Play game on mobile

There are many such gaming websites or apps that give you money to play and win. You can earn money by playing on these gaming sites.

# 9. With the help of Instagram

Instagram is a platform where people are connected through photos. If you can take a good photo, you can start your page for it. People will follow your page after seeing the photo uploaded by you and after that, you can earn money by advertising a product.

How to earn money from Instagram ($ 1000 Per Post)

# 10. Online reviews by mobile

You can earn money online by visiting many websites and reviewing their products. For this, you have to go to their website and give their opinion on the products available there or answer the queries of the people for which that company will give you money.

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