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Know about the four components of Vastu that affect us.

Vastu is a broad subject with many parts. Vastu energy is a subtle energy that affects all aspects of our life through our subconscious. When Vastu energy is positive then it brings progress, fulfilment and prosperity in our life and when this energy is negative then it brings obstacles, stagnation and disappointment in life. It is a misconception about Vastu that Vastu gets eliminated by just doing some tricks, placing an idol, putting a mirror over the door. This is totally wrong and Vastu Science is much deeper than these short cuts.

There are four components of Vastu energy that give it tangible form. In these Life is first Which reaches us due to our home or surrounding environment. It is natural energy. The building in which we are living or sitting in, the land around the building, its quality, its fluctuations, the source of water and its direction, the height of the surrounding buildings, the road perforation and the house. The surrounding hospital, temple etc. depends on many parameters.

Apart from this, the energy coming out of the ground, which we call Geopathic Energy also depends on the quality of them. The electric pole, transformer or mobile tower in front of the main gate of the house also affects these life energies negatively. Life energy coming from around us enters our house from the main entrance and its importance in architecture is close to 70 per cent.

The building is another important part of Vastu

In which we live or work. The importance of the building is to store and distribute the energy coming from the environment. Is the courtyard, courtyard or balcony of the building in the right direction so that this life energy can be successfully collected? It is necessary to see whether the internal structure of the building is helpful or hindering the distribution of this architectural energy throughout the building.

This energy is not able to reach the basement completely, therefore it has been considered in Vastu that no commercial or important work should be done there. In other words, a building is a type of vessel and should be structured in such a way that it can store maximum life energy coming from nature and can benefit the people living in the building.

The third component of Vastu is the people living in that building

The architecture of a building affects people living in it in different ways at the same time because we all have different fate and therefore we all need different energy. When we align with one type of energy, then we are able to activate our hidden talent. Many times we are aligned with the energy that makes our talent inactive.

There is another fallacy in Vastu that north-east direction is good for everyone. The architecture of the building is connected to the energy of human beings, so the same energy is not beneficial for everyone. For some, north-east or for others, west or south direction is beneficial. It is very important to understand this and to choose and construct the building accordingly. In the architectural study of a building, it is important to understand what problems its occupants have and what armaments are there.

Time is the fourth component of Vastu

The fate of every human being is different at different times. There are ups and downs in life. To understand this aspect, a Vastu Consultant must have knowledge of astrology. Astrological energy also affects humans along with Vastu energy. The incorporation of these two genres makes the Vaastu remedy personal. The study of Mahadasha and Antardasha in astrology warns of possible situations and helps in taking correct Vastu remedies.

Many times the Vaastu Dosha does not affect even the right time, but as the Mahadasha changes, the Vastu Doshas begin to have side effects and we are amazed that in this house or office for so many years, success has been climbing again. what has happened? We have not made any change in the house, then how did Vastu Dosha become active?

Vastu Yantra is a much darker subject than Totka, idol and symbol and every building is different, its energy is different, its Vaastu measures are also different. Therefore, it is necessary to know what are our desires and what are the problems before doing the Vastu remedy of the building as this is the basis of Vastu remedy.

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