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If you want a guaranteed life after the age of 30, then consider these 9 facts


The period between the twenties and thirties of your age is the most important phase of your life. Many milestones, such as the first job, your first savings account, stepping ahead of unpleasant relationships, and the first foreign trip with your earning money, lie in the frame of this golden decade.

It is primarily your twenties that defines your thirties and determines how the rest of your life looks. Although life’s failures bring many lessons. But a guide book can be obtained for the guidelines to make the journey of life comfortable.

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With this in mind, let’s take a look at the nine sources from the pages of the directory that guarantee a successful, comfortable and frugal third decade.

9 Facts That guaranteeĀ a successful Life

1. Couch Potato is not a wise selection

Today almost every household will find couch potatoes i.e. time-watchers watching TV. It doesn’t matter whether you got the title of Couch Potato sitting in front of the TV or watching videos and serials. If you spend your time in these things now, then you have to bear the brunt of this in the next round.

2. Always get new skills

All our degrees will not be more than a blank piece of paper if both our hearts and minds are not engaged in getting them. Doing assignments, completing projects and getting some numbers cannot help you much in future. To learn something that can work in your real life. It will never be expensive to stop learning something.

3. Always use your time with caution

This is perhaps the most important of these nine sutras. We spend a considerable part of the years between twenty and thirty in less important things like watching TV shows and going to parties. These things may give you momentary fun, but this fun are reaching your far-reaching future. So work on your ideas instead of these things and learn such things which can help you in realizing your dreams.

4. Learn to forget the past

Remember the last time your heart was broken, did you find yourself scattered? Did you feel that life was over? Then it is important to remind you that the people we meet in their twenties are often short-term and have no purpose in our lives for long.

No matter how difficult it is to forget an incident, it can never be better for you to see it again and again in your mind. You destroy every coming day one by one and thus your whole life. It is better to keep staring at something that is going to be insignificant in the coming days so that you can get involved in building an empire for yourself.

5. journey

If you are a human, it can be very important to roam in your thirties and do many trips. Whether it is in connection with work or in order to learn something new, seeing new places and meeting new people can change the rut of your life.

6. Avoid being ordinary

The one thing that helps in moving towards a life that is brilliant and unconcerned is that one should never choose secondary things. If you feel that you are made for bigger things then never be prepared for less than that.

7. Do not rush for love or marriage before the age of thirty

In this age, we go through many hormone changes due to which we start thinking from our body point of view and looking for someone or a life partner who often leads to a broken heart.

Arguments and circumstances seek to control your emotions which pressurize you to choose one of your own or your partner’s priority. So, think with an open mind and try to get specials and long terms. When you are in the race for your life, you do not want the race to have any break.

8. Eliminate avoidance

Avoidance is just a three-letter word and if practised on a daily basis, it has a great potential for destroying your future. It seems like a matter of a few minutes to postpone tomorrow, but looking back later, you will remain speechless seeing how devastated it has been. In your later years, you are the most energetic and active version of yourself. Therefore, devote this time to do something special. Make a list of those important things and keep doing them according to priority.

9. Take care of your body

If you like to cling to bed, get sick or feel tired then you cannot achieve anything big. So make sure to take time out for exercise, don’t eat junk food and follow a healthy routine because you have to be lion-stricken to celebrate your successes in the thirties.

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