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Will help to remove facial spots, ie pigmentation


Spots Pigmentatiop: will help to remove facial spots, ie pigmentation, home remedies:
Many times, rashes occur on the skin on the face, or due to chickenpox or any other disease, there is an infection on the skin which causes a lot of itching. But if you itch on these rashes, it can cause a lifetime of blemish on your face. By the way, there are many creams in the market to remove scars. But instead of these chemical products, you can get rid of these stains by adopting home remedies.

Spots Pigmentatiop: will help to remove facial spots, ie pigmentation

will help in removing facial spots pigmentation

Remedy for stained spots

  • Aloe vera gel works like magic to remove blemishes. Sleep using this gel at night and wash face in the morning. Results will start appearing soon.
  • Before treatment, always keep in mind that by keeping caution and safety, you can prevent spots from emerging. For this, use sunscreen. This will not only reduce stains but will also reduce the chances of this happening.
  • Pay special attention to skin cleansing. By adding a little raw milk mixed with a light powder, the skin stains are reduced. Using it daily also brings a glow to the face.
  • Wherever there are spots on the skin, apply a little bit of baking soda and honey. After some time, wash it with cold water. This will reduce stains gradually.
  • Nutmeg is an excellent solution to remove skin stains and enhance the complexion. Grinding it in milk and applying it on the skin will reduce stains and cleanse the skin.
  • Cocoa butter can also be used to cleanse the face. Massaging the skin with cocoa butter daily will not only remove stains and other marks and stretch marks.
  • Olive oil is also an effective remedy for the skin. Massage the face with olive oil every day, wash the face with lukewarm water after 10 minutes. This will not only make your skin spotless, but also make it soft and shiny.
  • Use of raw milk also helps to clean your face. Massage the face with raw milk every day or add raw milk in gram flour and apply this face pack on the face and after some time wash it with lukewarm water.
  • If your skin is not dry then you can also use tomato and lemon juice. Potato juice is also a good way to keep the face clean. Due to this, the stains of the skin disappear, and the color is also clear.
  • Not letting stains remain on the skin is also a solution. For this, you have to pay attention to regular skin cleansing. Also, by using daily scrub, you can prevent dead skin from freezing on the skin.

Applying neem, mint and basil juice also makes the skin spotless. By using this routine, the skin spots and spots are erased, and the skin looks radiant. At the same time you also feel freshness. Honey has been used since old times to remove stains. Make a pack by mixing honey, oatmeal and water together and apply it on the spots of injury.

Spots Pigmentatiop: Potatoes and tomatoes are very helpful in removing dark circles under the eyes. At the same time, due to their regular use, the spots of the injury also become lighter. If you want, you can massage the face with light hands by adding yogurt, lemon juice to barley flour. After massaging for some time, leave the coating on the face for a while. Then wash the face with cold water.

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