Why is Tulsi worshiped as holy and how does Tulsi mantra keep the body healthy, know the science behind it!

You must have not only seen but also experienced yourself that people take care of their health according to various types of therapy. For example, some are taking allopathic medicines, some homeopathy, some get their treatment done with Ayurveda, in order to stay healthy, today we will give you information about mantras and especially Tulsi mantra, so that you can also know the health and scientific connection of mantras. to understand better.

Actually, Tulsi is not only a Holi plant, but this plant also has many health benefits. But when this Tulsi is synchronized with Tulsi Mantra, then it gives amazing results in curing diseases.

Basil mantra

Vrinda Vrindavani Vishwapujita Vishwapavani.

Pushpasara Nandaniya Tulsi Krishna Biography.

Itabhamanashtak chaiva srotam namatham sanyutam.

Y: Pathet copper sampujya saushramegha fruitalmeta.

The health of the person who chants Tulsi Mantra properly is also good and if he has any disease, then by chanting Tulsi Mantra, the disease also goes away.

You must be aware that in ancient times Indian sages and sages invented the science of mantra. In fact, during the journey of samadhi through penance, the sages and sages had a wonderful knowledge of the effect of sound. They came to know that the effects of sound can be used to maintain human health. Therefore, during 1700 BC to 1300 AD, which is known as the Vedic period in Indian history, many mantras were created. These mantras, written in Sanskrit, were threaded in such a way that by chanting all these mantras, a rhythm is created in the nervous system of our body. This rhythm is connected to the brain and the brain becomes very active. The active mind transmits additional energy to the body. More or less Tulsi Mantra also works according to this principle.

Not only this, the movement that occurs in the tongue and lips during the chanting of Tulsi mantras, that is, the frequency generated by the chanting of Tulsi mantras. This frequency has a positive effect on the mind and body of the chanter. You must have seen, or when you do the chanting, you will see that the tongue and palate touch each other again and again with a special rhythm due to the continuous chanting of Tulsi Mantra. This rhythm also affects the navel or belly button of a person. Its ultimate effect falls on every pressure point of the body. Eventually, every part of the body becomes active and energetic. Due to this, every organ starts getting the necessary oxygen and due to getting oxygen, the person starts feeling healthy.

For your information, let us tell you… Tulsi mantra does not remove any particular disease… rather this wonderful mantra helps to keep the whole body of a person healthy. Let us tell you that the maximum effect of the Tulsi mantra is in the presence of the Tulsi plant. That is why the Tulsi plant is also taken while making the medicine of every therapy.

In Sanatan Dharma, Tulsi plant is worshiped as Vishnu Priya since Vedic times. That is why not only Tulsi, its plant is considered religious, holy, pure and auspicious. According to the belief, basil leaves are usually plucked only after sunrise. It is also believed that basil leaves are not considered stale for 11 days. That is why after washing these leaves daily with water, they can be offered again to God.

If you want to make your family happy, disease free and rich with food grains, then chant Tulsi Mantra.

Chanting Tulsi Mantra while offering water to the Tulsi plant gives more health benefits. After bathing and offering water to Tulsi plant in the morning, chanting Tulsi Mantra 108 times, the person who chants in the house remains happy and healthy, his house also increases the splendor.

If you want to keep your body healthy, then after bathing every morning, give water to the Tulsi plant and chant the Tulsi Mantra 108 times.

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