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Severe Stomach Problems Due To Taking More Pen Killer Medicines

Ulcers and gastric problems are more common in people 40 to 50 years of age or older. Long-term belching is a sign of stomach ulcers, those who have problems, avoid rice, gram, chickpeas, they produce gas.

For the relief of any kind of a pain in the body, often those who take painkillers without medical advice, these drugs go into the stomach and affect the mucus and lining here. Due to which there is irritation in the stomach, heaviness, gas, indigestion, swelling and pain in the upper part of the stomach, filling the stomach without eating anything, burning sensation in the chest. This is called dyspepsia. Due to reduced functioning of the intestines, this happens due to which it starts coming into the mouth as soon as it is eaten. This condition is of acid reflux.

There is a problem with mucus …

A stomach ulcer is a result of long-lasting indigestion, which is untreated. Infection of Helicobacter pylori bacteria in the stomach is also the reason. In this, there is a wound in the stomach mucous membrane defect. Haste, stress, contaminated food can cause ulcers due to damage to the cells of the digestive system and increasing the amount of acid in the stomach. Eat a balanced diet. Do not overwrite. Do not stay empty stomach for much longer.

This is how treatment happens

Allopathy: Stomach problem or ulcer condition is done by performing an endoscopy examination. For quick relief, combine two to three antibiotics and give them the medicine of acidity. If the food is balanced then the digestive system will be fine and there will be no such problem. Eat green vegetables and fruits, besides avoiding chilli-spicy things in it.

Ayurveda: The use of asafetida in food is beneficial to get relief from stomach related diseases. With this, eating a clove that is baked on the pan is relieved. Apart from this, if coconut water, ghee, liquorice and honey are used on balanced medical advice, there is relief in discomfort. Apart from this, regular exercise and yoga is necessary.
Homoeopathy: In stomach problems like acidity and ulcers, homoeopathy has many medicines which are given to the patient on the basis of discomfort and symptoms. It mainly contains various types of medicines including Carbovage, Naxvomica, Robinia-30, Lycopodium, which are relieved by taking.

Avoid fast food, chickpeas and kidney beans…

Stay away from fast food to avoid stomach and digestive diseases. The chemicals and spices present in them damage the stomach cells. Apart from this, patients should avoid eating rice, gram pulse, rajma and chickpeas or else gas can be formed.

If you come for a long time…

Belching does not necessarily mean a stomach or gas problem. Stress, insomnia, nervousness, hasty eating and worrying can also cause belching. If Dakar comes repeatedly or for a long time, seek medical opinion immediately. Symptoms include loss of appetite, hoarseness from the intestines or stomach, constipation, stomachache, dark stool, loss of appetite and weight loss are also prominent.


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