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Relieving Breath Will Benefit In Depression, Anger

Focusing on your breath removes negative thoughts about restlessness, depression, anger and hatred

Breath is life Therefore oxygen is also called Prana Vayu here. This is the reason why Pranayama has been considered effective in our culture and everyday life for centuries. In the new era, foreigners have also started to believe that if we want good health and life, then we have to pay attention to our every breath. By paying attention to our incoming breath, not only can we stay away from physical but also mental disorders. Breath can control our stress, discomfort and blood pressure. Good breath can bring seven amazing changes in body and mind, but it requires practice.

Increased brain capacity

According to research at Harvard University, meditation takes the size of our brain to expand (the thickness of the cortex portion increases). This increases the logical capacity of the brain. The practise of deep breathing after sleeping increases mind capacity.

Improvement of heartbeat

Research in medical science found that there is a difference between the two heartbeats known as low heart rate variability. In such a situation, the risk of heart attack is very high. This situation can be rectified through deep breathing pranayama.

Stress reduction, peace of mind

Weak breath does not give the body the full strength to fight in conditions of stress. But if you focus only on the breath, then the acuity of the mind decreases. Deep breath moves the nervous system into a stimulating, parasympathetic state, which is a relaxed, relaxed state of mind.

Freedom from negativity

Most people get disheartened when they are under pain or stress. It is a natural reaction of our body. Any exercise focusing on your breath helps to overcome negative thoughts filled with anxiety, depression, anger and hatred.

Restraint in the hour of challenge

A study published in the foreign magazine ‘Teaching and Learning’ stated that children who learn to take a deep breath before their exams increase their attention and improve their ability to repeat a memorized text.

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Control of blood pressure

Practising deep breathing and exhaling for just a few minutes every day can control your blood pressure to a great extent. By taking a deep breath, the body becomes in a calm state. When this happens, it helps the blood vessels to temporarily transport blood throughout the body with controlled pressure.

Positive changes in genes

This is the biggest and most important change that really happens in such a way that we do not know. Perhaps its good results are seen in our future generations. Controlling the movement of breaths through yoga, pranayama and meditation lead to effective changes in our genetic structure. There are changes not only in the body but also at the level of the mind. This makes our good genes more sensitive.

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Statements of Indian personalities

Breath is associated with emotions. Change the emotion, the breath will change. Anger but don’t let your breath stop. At this time, keep the breath steady and calm.

Rajneesh Osho, philosopher-

Pranayama is healthy for the lungs, purifying the blood, giving consciousness to the organs of the body and maintaining digestive power, hence it is also healthy and long-lived.

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