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More than 60 Home Remedies for All Kinds of Pain

Whether it is headache, pain, backache or joint pain- it is better to always try some natural painkillers than try Painkillers, try Home Remedies. This will not only provide relief from pain, it will not have any side effects.


Grind 1-5 buds of garlic with 1-2 grams of salt and eat it with food. It provides relief in headache caused by Vata.
– Grinding basil leaves and applying it provides relief.
– Mixing ground cardamom in 1 cup of milk and drinking it also relieves headache.
If there is a headache due to high heat, grind coriander and apply it on the head.
– Taking salt on apple on an empty stomach early in the morning is beneficial in headache.
– Headache is also cured by eating jalebis in milk on empty stomach in the morning.
Take out the pulp of gourd and make it very fine and apply it on the forehead. It is very effective in headache due to heat.
– Grind cinnamon and apply it on the forehead also provides relief.
– By squeezing lemon in warm water, drinking it relieves gas-related headaches.
– Taking jaggery dissolved in water and drinking it relieves headache.
– Eating yogurt, rice and sugar candy before sunrise provides relief in pain that goes on increasing with sunrise.
– Consuming curd and rice twice a day is beneficial.
– By grinding the cloves and heating it lightly, applying the paste on the head reduces pain.
– Grind saffron in ghee and sniff out the pain of migraine.
– Pure fresh ghee of cow is added to the nose by taking 2-2 drops in the nose twice a day.
Grind finely of a cardamom peel and heat it gently and apply on the head will give relief.
– Before sunrise, mix camphor equal to small gram with coconut and jaggery and eat it for three days. Migraine pain will go away. Memory loss
Soak 7 almonds in water overnight. Make a paste by grinding in the morning, then add milk and boil it. Do this for 15 to 40 days.
Eat 20 grams of walnuts with 10 grams of raisins or figs.

Keep these things in mind too

– The main cause of headache is dehydration and low blood sugar. So drink enough water and have a balanced diet.
– If you have a frequent headache, then keep a diary and note in it that when the headache occurred.
As soon as you feel a headache, take action immediately. Eat or drink something. If you have been working in front of the computer for a long time, then take a short break and take a walk. This will not increase the pain.
– Take a painkiller dissolving in water or take it with a fizzy drink, so that it can get relief quickly. But remember, do not take painkillers for a headache for more than two or three days in a week.

Back and back pain

– It is better to take painkillers and bake with ice where there is pain. Bake three times a day for 20 minutes.
– Avoid standing or sitting in the same position for too long. If you work in the office, then take a break every 45 minutes.
Make a decoction by breaking the soft neem leaves. Then soak cotton or a clean cloth in a warm decoction and bake it on the back pain area.
Grind 20 grams sesame, 3 grams dry ginger and 40 grams jaggery together and lick it in milk. By taking it twice a day, back pain disappears within three days.
100 grams of parsley powder and 100 grams of jaggery mixed together and keep. Taking 5-5 grams of this pure morning and evening relieves back pain.
Boil small pieces of ginger in water. Sieve and mix honey in this water and drink it.
Boil 5 grams date palm and add 2 grams fenugreek powder to it, regular drinking gives relief from pain.
Boil the powder of lotus root in milk and drink it, it provides relief in severe back pain.
– Grind ginger and apply it on the painful area.
– Get up in the morning and eat two garlic buds on an empty stomach. You can also massage oil of garlic daily.
– Taking dry ginger and bunches in the division, drinking it in the morning and evening relieves back pain.

Knee pain

Closeup young woman sitting on sofa and feeling knee pain and she massage her knee at home. Healthcare and medical concept.

– Grind the mustard and apply it on the knees. You will get instant relief.
Boil the parsley in water and take its steam on the knees, it gives relief from pain.
– Grinding garlic and applying it on the painful area gives immediate relief. But do not apply it for long, otherwise blisters will occur.
Boil half a teaspoon dry ginger and turmeric powder in water. Sip it and drink it throughout the day.
– 50 ml Cow’s milk contains 10 ml. Drinking with castor oil is also beneficial.
After adding rock salt in coconut oil, heat it and apply it and tie it with a cloth strip on top.
– 20 grams of garlic, cow’s milk 20 ml, water 200 ml Cook everything together. When there is only milk left, drink it after filtering.

Joint pain

Cook the parsley in water. Offer that water vapor to the painful place.

– Massage of parsley oil provides relief in joint pain.
– Massage of neem oil is also very beneficial.
Make a powder by grinding dry ginger, black pepper, bividing and rock salt. Mix 3 to 3 grams of this powder with honey and lick it.
Drinking 15 grams juice of fresh leaves of Bathua relieves joint pain. Do not mix salt, sugar etc. in this juice. Take an empty stomach every morning. Do not take anything for two hours in front of it. Use it for 2-3 months.
Toast 100 grams of fenugreek and make powder. Grind 50 grams dry ginger, 25 grams turmeric, 250 grams sugar-all together and fill them in a bottle. Take one spoon each with milk in the morning and evening.
Make equal amount of powder by taking equal quantity of myrabalan chebulie, dry ginger and carom seeds. Take 5 grams of hot water in the morning and evening.
– Keep eating tomatoes four or five times a day, or drinking a glass of tomato juice in the morning and evening will be amazingly beneficial.
– By grinding garlic and applying pain to every part of the body. But do not keep it for long, otherwise there will be fear of blisters.
Burning parsley and garlic in bitter oil and massaging the oil relieves all types of pain.
Crush two buds of garlic and put them in sesame oil, heat the oil and massage the joints.
– 10 ml Mix castor oil in the decoction of dry ginger and drink it twice a day, it provides relief.

Ankle ache

– First of all choose the right footware. Pain in the ankles means that there is a flaw in your style of walking or you do not have the footware right. Avoid high heels or inconvenient slippers.
– Do this – Stand on a flat place. Put pressure on the ankles. Stay in this state for 30 seconds. Do this exercise five times a day.
– Soak the feet alternately in hot and cold water.


– Heat mustard oil and pour it lightly, it provides relief in ear pain.

– By adding lukewarm onion juice, the pain gets relief immediately.
– Adding lukewarm juice of ginger juice is very effective.
Grind the basil leaves and extract the juice. Put this juice on a low flame and heat it a little and put it in the ear.
Put half a clove of garlic in a teaspoon of sesame oil and low heat, put 4-4 drops in the painful ear and lie on the other side for ten minutes.
– Dip castor leaves in hot sesame oil and fry them lightly around the ears.
– If pus (pus) comes from the ear, take the smoke of guggul on the ear.
Grind the basil leaves and extract the juice. Put this juice on a low flame and heat it a little and put it in the ear. This causes earache to disappear.
Grind liquorice and mix it with ghee and heat it lightly and apply around the ear to relieve pain.
– Mix one part parsley oil and three parts mustard oil, then lukewarm on a low flame and put it in the ear.
– Cut radish into fine pieces and heat it well in mustard oil. Then filter this oil with a cloth and keep it in a vial. Whenever you have a pain in the ear, add this oil. Will take rest

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