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Menstrual Cramps: 11 Home Remedies For Period Cramp Relief

For most women, periods are a very painful experience, they feel so much pain that there is a fear in the mind about periods. She often uses painkillers to get rid of it, but analgesics have their own side effects, so it is better to go and adopt home remedies that are very simple as well as effective.

11 easy home remedies to get rid of period pain

1. Papaya intake:

The effect of papaya is considered hot and often the cause of pain is the lack of open flow, in this case, eat papaya because it flows freely and gives relief in pain. Not only this, but papaya is also considered very good for the stomach and keeps digestion right.

2. Ginger and Pepper:

Boil ginger in water and drink it like tea. Make a tea by cutting ginger pieces in water, if you want, add black pepper also or chew them after slicing ginger. It also improves digestion.

3. Thyme:

It is also very beneficial for the stomach. Its effect is also hot and it is effective in relieving the gas problem. Often, the problem of gas increases during menstruation, which is a cause of pain.

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4. Basil leaves:

Add it to the tea because it contains pain-relieving ingredients which cause quite a lot of pain.

5. Cumin:

It cleans the uterus. It also has analgesic properties. Make and drink cumin tea, you can drink it by boiling it in water or eat chewed for just a minute. This will give a lot of rest.

6. Fenugreek:

Soak one teaspoon of fenugreek in a cup of water at night and drink this water the next day.

7. Compressed with hot water:

Filling hot water in a bottle will give you enough comfort. A lot of people adopt this traditional remedy because it is the easiest and most effective.

8. Sesame oil:

Massage the pelvis with light hands in the lower abdomen. It will give warmth and comfort.

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9. Exercise:

Research suggests that aerobics provides considerable relief in pain. Women who do aerobics three and a half hours three times a week for two consecutive months begin to experience severe pain during periods. If you do not want to do aerobics, just walk barefoot on the ground or on the grass, it also gives relief in pain. Even if you do yoga regularly, you will get relief in the pen and you can also try such yoga poses which give relief in this pain.

10. Meditation:

Breathing techniques can relieve you a lot. It relaxes the muscles and is called a relaxation technique. It makes the brain feel relaxed by improving blood circulation, reducing pain-causing hormones and giving relief.

11. Reduce salt intake and drink plenty of water:

Either stop eating salt or reduce it for a few days before the period comes, do not eat spicy food, fried foods and see the difference. This type of food increases water retention, leading to gas, indigestion, heaviness and feeling of pain more. Also, drink plenty of water so that there are no dehydrates.

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Bhagyashree Soni
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