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Mask Safety: Study Finds Some Materials May Cause More Harm Than Good


Face masks are considered a mandatory safety tool to avoid corona infection. But have you ever thought about how effective the mask you wear is to prevent infection in the material actually? Does applying any mask avert the risk of viruses?

The corona virus (CORONA VIRUS COVID-19) can enter our body through the nose, ears, eyes and mouth. This is the reason why the World Health Organization (WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION) has made it mandatory to wear a face mask (FACE MASK). But there is still debate as to what type of material made masks are capable of preventing infection completely. Now answering these questions, scientists at Duke University (DUKE UNIVERSITY) recently reported the efficacy of various face masks and the fabrics and designs used in them to prevent droplets (DROPLETS) from reaching the face and mouth during normal conversation. Have tested Research suggests some alternative face mask options that not only provide protection, but some masks may be more harmful than not wearing them. Today, face masks have become a mandatory public health requirement in many parts of the world as more than 26.6 million people have been infected by the COVID-19 epidemic so far. Due to the short supply of surgical masks and N-95, it has been suggested to people that instead of using surgical or N-95 masks, cloth masks, skins and handkerchiefs are also effective when they are out in public places.

Mask Safety: Research suggests that use in masks can do more harm than some fabric protection

Duke University researchers conducted tests

Do all the face masks we wear to protect us as much as we believe in them? To find out the same, scientists at Duke University designed a specially designed simple test to test the efficacy of various face masks, the fabric and the designs in them, used to reduce the spread of droplets released during normal interactions. Technology is developed. Research has shown some alternative face mask options, some of which not only provide us with very little protection but they can also give us other health problems by keeping them on the face for a long time. Researchers say that ideally, any homemade face mask should have two to three layers, but if this is not possible, health authorities around the world suggest that scarves, bandanas or It is better to wear a mask that covers the neck. Wearing masks of any type of fabric or design can cause more harm than safety.

Mask Safety: Research suggests that use in masks can do more harm than some fabric protection

What the research says about face masks

This new study began when Eric Westman of Duke University’s School of Medicine was trying to find out what kind of masks healthy people should use to infect or suspect or show no signs of infection so that infection To prevent the spread of Eric felt that the market was flooded with thousands of extraordinary claims about face masks that might protect us from the COVID-19. But no criterion had yet been established to verify the efficacy of these masks. Eric says that we wanted to know what design or fabric would suit a person with that type of face. But very little information was available about this. Using the Duke’s Advanced Light Imaging and Spectroscopy machine, Eric, with the help of his colleague Martin Fisher, researchers developed an inexpensive and simple system to test it.

Mask Safety: Research suggests that use in masks can do more harm than some fabric protection

Droplets also speak out

Eric and Fisher found in their research that not only the infected person sneezes or coughs but also the fine droplets that come out of the conversation while being very sensitive can infect you by becoming the source of thousands of viruses. Some masks performed extremely well in research, while some revealed omissions in search despite many claims. Unexpectedly, an N-95 mask proved to be weaker than a surgical massager to prevent small drops from coming out. However, the homemade cotton masks performed well and succeeded in preventing droplets much finer than the surgical masks.

Mask Safety: Research suggests that use in masks can do more harm than some fabric protection

Research also revealed that not all facial coverings were effective in preventing or reducing masculine droplets. Woven or bandana proved to be quite weak. But the gator mask is worn in the neck really surprised the researchers. Eric pointed out that gator masks actually break large particles of droplets into many smaller particles. The research concludes that wearing such a mask is ultimately quite safe because wearing a mask carries a higher risk of transmission of the virus. This new study was published in the journal of Science Advances.

Mask Safety: Research suggests that use in masks can do more harm than some fabric protection



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