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Important things related to the health and well-being of women

Every year, the last Wednesday of September is celebrated as ‘National Women’s Health and Fitness Day’. The aim of this ‘National Women’s Health and Fitness Day’ is to create awareness about women’s well-being and mental health. In the COVID epidemic, its importance has increased.

The epidemic situation is worrying for women. She is working from home, working for home. In this run-off, she ignores herself. Women should understand that their responsibilities have increased manifold and in such a situation, caring for their own health has become more important. In this context, Dr. Bandita Sinha, who is from the Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Reliance Hospital, gave much useful information.

Start the day with positive thinking. Following a disciplined routine is the first step in this direction. You keep yourself healthy because it creates a good healthy feeling in the mind. Right after work only for some time, but definitely take rest. Focus on completing your hobby. Watch a movie, read a book, make a new recipe or try to do anything that makes you happy and relaxed.

Diet plays an important role in overall health. You should start the day with a protein-rich, healthy breakfast so that your metabolism is fine. Include nuts and fruits in breakfast, so that you stay active. Between 7:30 and 8:30 in the evening, have a light dinner, because the digestion process is slow at night. Taking dinner late at night can make you feel lethargic in the morning and excess fat accumulates in your body. Keep yourself hydrated, as this is necessary to keep your body functioning smoothly. When you stay at home, you should avoid foods like chips, sweets. Your diet should be low in carbohydrates and high in protein. If you want to have a light lunch, then take a salad in the meal. Keep yourself hydrated for the smooth functioning of your bodily functions.

Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Exercises like yoga, breathing exercises, Zumba etc. can also be done at home by working. Breathing exercise can be very helpful for at least 10 minutes to relieve stress and anxiety. Apart from this, you should also keep in mind that the amount of calories you consume is less than the amount of calories you burn, so that your body weight remains balanced.

Shun stress
Spend good time with family and friends, this relieves stress. Talk to your friends. Have fun chatting with them by calling. Spend time with the children. Play indoor games with them. This will keep you relaxed, as well as you will get the opportunity to spend more time with them. If you have a balcony in your house, then spend some time there, because the sun’s sunlight and greenery have a relaxing effect. Do gardening, it will make your mind relaxed. Make a habit of writing a diary and write about the things that make you happy and sad.

Complete Vitamins
Take supplements of vitamin D, vitamin B12, multi-vitamins, calcium and antioxidants in your diet with doctor’s advice, this will increase your immunity and vitality. If you are unable to get enough sunlight, then take Vitamin D, because lack of it can cause mental problems.

Less use of gadgets
Schedule the use of gadgets, as it may affect your sleep. Healthy sleep is important. Stress may increase due to sleep disturbance. This can affect your hormones. Avoid constantly watching and reading negative news related to COVID-19. Be optimistic and happy, it has an effective effect on both body and mind.

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