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How To decide whom to give COVID-19 vaccine first?

The vaccine will reduce the deaths of people experiencing the epidemic. “

The ‘Fair Priority Model’ has noted these important things to reduce the three types of losses arising from COVID-19. These are three disadvantages: death or permanent damage to an organ, indirect effects on health, such as high pressure and stress on the health care system and financial devastation.

This is the first phase of the model, in which researchers have said to prevent death, especially premature death. In every country, the life expectancy rate is being confirmed due to premature death due to COVID-19. Generally, the global health index is determined on this basis. Life expectancy rate is the average number of years remaining in the life of a given age.

In the second phase, there has been talking of economic reform, in which the condition of the lower class people is also improved so that poverty can be prevented from spreading.

The third phase is said to give priority to those countries where transmission rates are the highest, although the same amount of vaccine distribution has been reported in every country to prevent this.

Researchers point out that countries should be ranked on the priority list based on the number of frontline health care workers. Similarly, in countries where the number of elderly people is high, focusing on the vaccine will neither reduce the spread of the virus nor reduce the death rate. If we talk about low or middle-income countries, then the number of old people is generally less.

Overall, the model seeks to reduce harm, focus on non-beneficiaries, and maintain equality among people.


Source: www.patrika.com

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