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Get so many benefits from Neem leaves, learn to apply on the skin

Get so many benefits from Neem leaves, learn to apply on the skin

Neem Leaves Benefits: Get so many benefits from Neem leaves, know the benefits of applying on the skin: Hardly anyone is unfamiliar with the Neem tree. Neem is known for its bitterness. Everyone will know that neem is very beneficial for health even after being bitter, but you will not know the benefits of neem or what diseases neem can be used in. . Due to the properties of neem, it is also called Kalpa tree of the earth. Generally people use neem to get benefit in wounds, skin diseases but the truth is neem benefits are also found in many other diseases.

Neem leaves get so many benefits

Benefits of neem ke fayde aur nuksan: Neem leaves get so many benefits

Decoction of neem leaves is more useful than carbolic soap in washing wounds. Neem is also very beneficial on leprosy and other skin diseases. Its fibers are full of blood cleansing properties. Neem oil has been found to have the destroying properties of three species of bacteria causing TB or tuberculosis. Thick coating of neem leaves reduces the ability of cancer cells to grow. Let us know in which diseases you can use Neem and what are the disadvantages of Neem.

Neem for allergies

Make a paste by grinding neem leaves, make a small tablet of it and immerse it in an empty stomach honey in the morning and swallow. Do not eat anything until one hour after that, so that neem can pass through your system properly. It benefits in all types of allergies – skin, food, or anything else. You can take it all your life, it will not cause any harm. Small tender leaves of neem are slightly less bitter, any kind of fresh, green leaves can be used.

Importance of Neem tree

All parts of the Neem tree have their own different significance. Oil is extracted from neem fruits and seeds. This oil is used in the treatment of skin related diseases and other health related problems. Neem leaves relieve skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. Similarly, Neem bark is used in many Churan. Neem has been used in India for over four thousand years. In the Vedas, neem is also known as “Serverog Prevention”. This means that neem protects our body from all kinds of diseases.

  • As contraceptive
  • For mouth and teeth
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Diabetes prevention
  • In the treatment of asthma
  • Against cancer
  • Blood purification
  • Get rid of eye problems
  • In the treatment of leprosy
  • Used in aromatherapy
  • In the treatment of joint pain
  • Cholesterol control
  • In the treatment of ulcers
  • Reduce pimples
  • In the treatment of malaria
  • Diagnosis of digestive problems
  • Get rid of blackheads
  • Skin infection relief
  • Relieving dark circles under the eyes

Harm of neem

  • Causes of auto-immune diseases
  • Harmful to infants
  • Harm to pregnant women
  • Other side effects

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