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Finding answer for cat’s bladder woes


Our cat is scheduled for surgical procedure in a number of days to take away some stones from her bladder. She is center aged and chubby. We knew an issue existed when, a number of months in the past, she began to urinate unexpectedly in the home. Sometimes the urine gave the impression to be blood tinged. At first, we had been involved that the voiding was behavioral. We tried an additional litter field and even pheromones. Next a course of antibiotics was tried. With no success at decision, and after a while, our vet did a urinalysis and located there have been crystals current in her urine. Based on the urinalysis, x-rays had been taken that exposed 4 stones. The subsequent try was to dissolve the stones with eating regimen. This didn’t work both. Is it normal for this to not work? So now we go to surgical procedure. Is there a lot threat with this type of process and what may we count on going ahead? Will this right the urinating in the home?

Bladder stones are known as uroliths and there are numerous sorts of stones, that are mineralized deposits based mostly on a mixture of the cat’s metabolism, genetics, eating regimen and extra. They can develop over various quantities of time, and, in lots of instances, the particular trigger just isn’t effectively understood. The two commonest kinds of stones are both struvite or calcium oxalate stones, and these are the most certainly to have dietary dissolution work. However, the method can take a number of months relying largely on the dimensions of the stones. Attempts at dissolution by eating regimen are sometimes tried first since they are often profitable in stopping the necessity for invasive surgical procedure. However, this technique of addressing the issue just isn’t at all times profitable, as you came upon, for a number of potential causes since some stones don’t reply or it could take an unusually lengthy period of time to take action. If you had been additionally mixing in different meals or treats, that may be a contributory purpose for a scarcity of success at dissolving the stones by dietary means.

In some respects, it’s best to think about you and your cat fortunate in that as a feminine cat, she was much less liable to a urinary obstruction than a male cat could be. This is predicated totally on anatomy. Going ahead, the stones can be eliminated by a surgical procedure known as a cystotomy after which despatched out for evaluation so {that a} particular eating regimen may then be employed to stop recurrence of stone formation. Unfortunately, this won’t achieve success however value a attempt all the identical. There is at all times some threat with surgical procedure however a cystotomy is a reasonably routine process, your cat ought to get well shortly, and the issue ought to resolve. It sounds as if you’re heading in the right direction.

Dr. John de Jong owns and operates the Boston Mobile Veterinary Clinic. He might be reached at 781-899-9994.

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