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Do not take lightly if you have a cough, know about it

Cough is not a disease in itself, rather it is a sign of normal body reaction or some disease. But considering this as such, cough should not be considered as a minor disease.

Do not take lightly if you cough

People usually take cough lightly. While experts say that cough lasting three weeks or more can be a sign of TB. Apart from this, cough can also occur due to asthma or swine flu. In such a situation, do not be careless and contact the doctor immediately.

Doctors believe that cough is not a disease in itself, but it is a normal reaction of the body or a sign of some disease. But consider this as such, cough should not be considered as a minor disease. Commonly the cause of cough is an infection in the lungs, respiratory tract or throat. It is a mechanism that indicates about any malfunction in the body and has already indicated for health care. Some experts also believe that coughing means that our body is fighting the bacteria of diseases.

The cause of cough is many-

According to doctors, cough occurs even when there is excess pressure on the lungs of the lungs or if a part of the heart becomes large. Doctors call it heart asthma.

A persistent and prolonged cough can be the cause or sign of a major illness. Commonly, cough can occur due to asthma, throat infection, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, lung infection, pneumonia or heart disease etc. Therefore it is important to be cautious about the cough.

Experts say that cough lasting three weeks or more can be a sign of TB. Apart from this, cough can also occur due to asthma or swine flu. If the cough persists for more consecutive days, contact a doctor immediately.

Ayurveda and cough-

In Ayurveda, Sitopaladi Churna is special for the treatment of cough. Apart from this, taking one tablet of Agnirus powder twice a day with water or taking half a teaspoon of fever Bhairav ​​powder twice a day will give relief from cough. For cough of mucus, taking one tablet of Mahalakshmivilas juice, half a teaspoon of kaphaladi churna or talisadi powder with water twice, boiling basil, cloves, ginger, giloy and black pepper in water and adding honey to it is also beneficial.

There is also treatment in homoeopathy

If dry cough, medicines like Bryonia album-30, Spongia-30, Aconite-30, Belladonna-30 are effective. In cough with mucus, the use of Heperself-30, Entimart-30, IPcock-30 and Phosphorus-30 provides relief. Allium cepa-30, Ferrumphos-30, Kali Mur-30 for coughs with colds and fever and Drosera-30, Tuber cholineum-30, Nux vomica-30 and Sticta-30 for cough in the elderly It is recommended.

Effective Home Remedies-

In case of excessive cough, keep small nuggets of rock salt on fire and put in a bowl of water immediately. Drink this water by doing this five times, cough will get relief. Apart from this, cough is also cured by taking basil, black pepper and ginger tea, half teaspoon ginger juice mixed with honey, sucking small sticks of liquorice, gargling with hot water or gargling with lukewarm milk. Half a teaspoon of turmeric with hot tea or milk at night is also beneficial.

Avoidance is also important

Along with treatment in cough, avoiding is also necessary. Do not take fried, roasted and sour things, sauces, vinegar, pickles, Arabic, ladyfinger, rajma, urad dal, citrus fruits and bananas. Do not eat cold drinks, yoghurt or anything kept in the fridge. Drink lukewarm water.

Allopathic medicines-

Allopathy for relieving phlegm and cold is considered to be fine in medicines like chlorpheniramine, ammonium chloride and sodium citrate or diphenhydramine hydrochloride. Guaifenesin and salbutamol sulfate are considered suitable for dry cough. Kapha syrup manufactured from these medicines are also beneficial. Physicians also recommend terbutaline sulfate and bromhexine hydrochloride.
Note: Use any medicine only after doctor’s supervision and consultation.

Source: www.patrika.com

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