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Corona Alert: These three easy ways can avoid touching your face repeatedly

On Tuesday, more than 1 lakh infected people have come to India. With this, the number of corona infects in India has crossed 43 lakhs. While around 74 thousand people have died.

The number of people infected with the coronavirus in the world has risen to 27.7 million, while the cases of coronavirus are increasing rapidly in the world. India has now moved to another world, leaving Brazil behind in this matter. More than 43 lakh infected cases have been registered here.

Doctors are still denying the community infection, but they are also not ruling out the rapid spread of the infection. At the same time, due to repeated face touching, not following mask or social distancing, the virus is spreading from an infected person to other people. But the risk of infection has increased even more with the opening of gyms, temples, public institutions, malls and markets.

What to do in such a way that we can save ourselves and our loved ones from getting infected by touching the face repeatedly. Let’s know.

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Touching face 20 times in 60 minutes

Novel coronavirus infection increases manifold by repeatedly touching the face with hands. Actually, the eyes, mouth and nose are sensitive parts of the body that can easily become the source of infection in the body.

Scientific research from the National Institute of Health revealed that on average we touch our face more than 20 times in an hour. We touch our face so many times that even during this time, the risk of the virus reaching the body is very high, even by repeatedly washing hands.

Experts say that by wearing gloves you can get rid of this habit of touching your face again and again. Actually it is such a common habit that most of us don’t even think about it. But due to this habit, we are falling prey to the flu, cold and now coronavirus. Coronavirus can survive for about three hours in an aerosol spray, 24 hours on cardboard and three days on plastic and stainless steel.

Doctors also touch face 19 times

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the new coronavirus spreads from one person to another like other respiratory infections. It also includes the droplets that sneak through the nose. Through close contact and sneezing or coughing, the virus also enters the body of a healthy person through these droplets. About half of the face consists of mouth, nose or eyes which are the easiest route for viruses and bacteria to enter our body. Even medical professionals do not escape this habit.

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Despite having better knowledge about this, he was also found touching his face an average of 19 times in 2 hours. In fact, when we are active, we move our feet, or we roll our hair with our fingers or weep. Touching your face like this is a normal process for us. These three methods can prevent pathogen, fungus and bacteria, or from exposure to the virus.

Corona Alert: These three easy ways to avoid touching your face repeatedly

Start counting

Can touching the face be completely stopped. Physician Spencer Nadolsky, an expert on fat loss prescription and author of The Natural Beat Diabetes, says that itching often occurs on the face because it is a sensitive area, so it is difficult to change that habit.

So while doing daily tasks, start counting the number of times a finger comes near your face, such as shaving, combing or making a hair or while smelling something. This may reduce the habit of moving hands repeatedly, but in practice, it is not possible that you do not touch your face because we touch our face even when we are not aware of it.

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Corona Alert: These three easy ways to avoid touching your face repeatedly

Try to limit face touch

Try to limit the time of the habit of touching the face with your hands to prevent any viruses from reaching your body through your palms or fingers. But since face-touching is a habit, try to change this habit and minimize that behaviour as often as possible. Make or write your notes and every time you are about to touch your face it helps you to notice how many times you have touched your face.

In other similar ways, keep your hands constantly busy in other works. Be busy in a game that uses fingers and palms more for playing. It includes games such as Frijite, Rubix Cube, Ludo and Chase. If you come out like this, wear a handkerchief or sweat bandana on your head so that sweat does not come on your face and you do not need to wipe it.

Corona Alert: These three easy ways to avoid touching your face repeatedly

Keep hands clean

There is really no practical or traditional strategy to not touch the face with the hand. However, the most effective way to avoid the risk of infection from this is to get into the habit of washing hands frequently. This is an easier and more efficient way to avoid virus infection.

Set a reminder in your mobile or keep notes in the TV, fridge, drawing-room at home that remind you to wash your hands frequently. Especially after going out, picking up goods from neighbours or delivery people. Wash hands even after touching devices that everyone uses in the home such as TV-AC remote, fridge and water bottles, couch, chair and mobile or home landline receiver etc. Apart from these, there are some more effective measures which we can avoid by repeatedly chewing face.

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Corona Alert: These three easy ways to avoid touching your face repeatedly

Avoid touching your face like this

  • Wash your hands with soap for at least 20-30 seconds.
  • Wear a ring or bracelet or rubber band in your hand or wrist that reminds you not to touch your face.
  • Use gloves or gloves on potential sites of infection and exits.
  • Write notes on walls and computers, etc., in places where you spend more time at home or office.
  • Keep your hands busy, keep a remote or ball-like item in your hands, it will remind you to keep your hands away from your face.
  • Use a scented sanitizer or soap, it will remind you not to touch the smell after washing hands.
  • When you are in a meeting or group, keep your two hands in your lap instead of facing the front.

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