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Covid-19: Government guidelines on COVID will continue till January 31, alerts from new types of Corona virus

Covid-19 Guidelines: The government has issued new guidelines to monitor the condition of corona virus, which will remain effective till 31 January. The Union Home Ministry has given this information through a circular. The Home Ministry said that there has been a steady decline in active cases of corona and new cases of infection. But cases of infection are increasing globally and monitoring, prevention and vigilance need to be maintained as before as a new type of virus is emerging in the UK.

The Home Ministry said that careful demarcation of the containment zone should be continued. Prescribed measures should be strictly followed to prevent the spread of infection in these areas. Appropriate behavior related to COVID should be promoted and implemented strictly. Also, the suggested procedure (SOP) in respect of various activities should be followed with utmost seriousness.

Before this, the guidelines issued by the government in November, the talks will continue till January 31. This included the imposition of a night curfew by the states, a fixed number of people attending any wedding or such festivities, and prohibiting any such incidents in which large numbers of people gather. Apart from this, the international flight cancellations by the central government will be canceled until further instructions.

Active cases reduced rapidly

According to the Ministry of Health, there are currently 2,77,301 active cases of corona in India. Only 2.72 percent of the total cases are active cases. Of the total active cases, 1389 have reduced in the last 24 hours. For more than 1 month, the number of people recovering every day is more than the new cases. The recovery rate of Koreana cases in the country has increased to 95.83 percent. Significantly, 20,021 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in India on Monday and 279 people have died. There have been 1,02,07,871 total cases of infection from Corona in the country, while 1,47,901 have died so far.

COVID19: Home Ministry issued new guidelines to monitor the situation, said- need to maintain vigilance

Alert against new virus in Britain

The government has warned people about the arrival of a new type of virus in Britain. At the same time, those coming back from Britain and coming to India have also been asked to cooperate. In fact, after the arrival of the new type of Corona in Britain, a large number of people have returned from there. Many of these people did not give information after arrival. State governments are also asking the people who came here to cooperate in the investigation.

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