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Consumption of green tea is beneficial for health


Consumption of green tea is beneficial for health In the present time, every person is more conscious about his health! This is the reason why people are more aware in everything from exercise to eating! Green tea consumption has increased significantly, especially those who want to lose weight (Health Tips)! They consume green tea a lot! Apart from this, green tea also has a positive effect on liver disorders, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s diseases! Green tea contains high amounts of polyphenols! Which destroys cancer cells and also helps prevent them from growing!

Consumption of green tea is beneficial for health

Benefits of Green tea is beneficial for health

Green tea is made from a plant called Camellia sinensis! The leaves of this plant are used not only in making green tea but also in other types of tea like black tea. Green tea is a healthy drink because it has a great effect on health! Even if green tea and black tea match the same plant! However, the method of making the two is different! They use fresh leaves to produce green tea. After breaking the leaves they are immediately steamed, so that green tea is made well! This preserves natural polyphenols! Which are very beneficial for health! Also, it is found to contain a higher amount of catechin (antioxidants) than black and oolong tea (Health Tips)!

Benefits of Green Tea )

  • Weight:Drinking it daily reduces the fat of the stomach! It causes weight loss!
  • Hair and teeth:The oxidants included in green tea reduce hair fall and teeth do not become worms!
  • Sugar and cholesterol:Green tea helps control sugar, and daily intake also reduces cholesterol!
  • Blood pressure:Blood pressure is also controlled by green tea! It is also helpful in hyper tension.
  • Anti Cancer:Green tea is also helpful in preventing cancer as well as strengthens bones.
  • Anti aging: They treat skin diseases by promoting longevity! Also, help in the fight against various signs of aging!

Types of green tea

There are different types of green tea! Some of the main types are:

  • Sencha (Sencha) : It is a well-known type of green tea that is consumed the most! It is made by common process in which the tea leaves are dried by sunburn or steam to prepare the tea!
  • Fukmushi Sencha (Fukamushi Sencha): Fukmushi means “boiled for a long time”, a type of green tea that is boiled for a longer period than sencha! Since the gall is fully exposed to the heat of steam in this process, They become powdery and the taste of tea increases and the color becomes dark green!
  • Gyokuro (Gyokuro): It is grown in shade instead of sunlight and is different from sencha! Tea bushes are covered with cloth or reed screen for about 20 days before choosing (Health Tips)!
  • Of Cubes (Kabusecha): About a week before picking, the cubuscha bushes are covered with cloth to protect it from sunlight!
  • Macha (Matcha): In this way, green tea is made from old tea leaves!
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