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CDC’s big disclosure on corona, said- infection spreading by air, 6 feet distance insufficient

Washington The entire world is struggling with the corona epidemic and millions of people have lost their lives so far, while around three and a half million people have been infected. This virus is making people a victim with great speed. There have been many types of research on the spread of coronavirus and different claims have been made.

Now another big thing has come out in this episode, on which a warning has been issued. Indeed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of America on Coronavirus has released a guideline on Monday. It states that Airborne Transmission is playing an important role in spreading the coronavirus. That is, the corona is also spreading through the air.

The CDC further stated that the corona can be spread even after keeping a distance of 6 feet from each other. Especially in closed rooms or where the airflow is poor, the risk of spreading the infection is greatly increased. Although the CDC has said that spreading of the virus in this manner is unusual, social distancing is still effective in preventing the virus from spreading.

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6 feet inadequate

Let us tell you that two weeks ago CDC released a guideline regarding aerosols, which has now changed a bit. The CDC now said that to avoid corona infection, make a distance of more than 6 feet, because aerosols cause corona infection to spread rapidly every day.

Earlier, the CDC stated that it spreads when corona infected persons are exposed to microscopic particles coming out of their nose or mouth during breathing. Therefore, the place where the air flow is poor or in a closed room the probability of infection spreading is quite high. In such a situation, it is necessary to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet.

However, now Dr. Donald Milton of the University of Maryland School of Public Health said that since the virus is spreading through the air, you are not safe even at a distance of six feet. It is very important to wear a mask even if it is more than six feet away.

The CDC has also admitted that people infected with the coronavirus have maintained a distance of more than six feet from them. Here, the World Health Organization said that it had approached the CDC on 21 September on the latest guidelines for coronavirus. Earlier in July, the WHO also changed its guideline regarding aerosols. The WHO then rejected Corona’s outbreak of claims from aerosols.

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