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750 Million Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Will Fight Aedes Aegypti

More than 75 million mosquitoes prepared to fight the particular Zika virus will be released between 2021 to 2022 in Florida, USA. The project has recently received approval from the local administration.

Scientists have made preparations to launch an ‘army of mosquitoes’ genetically engineered mosquitoes against mosquitoes. Scientists in the US have created more than 75 million (750 Million) mosquitoes that are genetically designed to fight against and eliminate their fellow mosquitoes.

This pilot project has already been approved by the Department of Trump Administration and Environmental Protection. But when the project was discovered in Florida, locals came out in protest. But when people came to know that these genetically modified mosquitoes wiped out the dreaded female Aedes Aegypti mosquito that spread deadly diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika and Yellow fever in their area. They have also given approval for the project.

Actually these mosquitoes will identify the female Aedes mosquito and eliminate them by spraying insecticide on them.

This is how these special ‘mosquito friends

Scientists have named this mosquito as ‘OX5034’. Actually scientists OX5034 have been genetically altered to prevent female offspring. It becomes so large before it reaches the larval stage that it can bite humans and spread dangerous disease among them. Because only the female mosquito needs human blood to enlarge its eggs, which it bites and sucks on the skin. While the males of this species are not mosquitoes. The American company, Oxytec, which specializes in genetically modified bio-design, has prepared these mosquitoes.

Millions of mosquitoes genetically prepared by humans will fight Zika virus

95 Per cent mosquitoes eliminated

The company will release ‘OX5034’ in Texas in 2021 and Florida in 2022, where mosquitoes have the highest outbreaks throughout the year. Earlier on these mosquitoes for many years, the Department of Environmental Protection has also investigated the mosquito’s ill effects on the environment and humans deeply. Earlier these mosquitoes have been tested in the Cayman Islands, Panama, Brazil and parts of the United States. In a particular part of Brazil, which was most affected by mosquito-borne diseases, ‘OX5034’ eliminated 95% of Aedes Aegypti female mosquitoes.


Source: www.patrika.com

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