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What will be the preparation of Punjab University paper for this time?

Punjab University Controller Examination on Friday said that all the students of the mid-semester will be promoted in the next semester. The Punjab University Administration is working on making the proposed undergraduate and postgraduate examinations in July completely student-friendly.

Sample papers have been prepared for this, which will be uploaded on the website on Monday. Apart from the campus, the PU administration has almost prepared the final year students’ examination schedule in 196 affiliated colleges in Chandigarh and Punjab.

Preparation of Punjab University Paper’s

On Monday, papers will be put on the Punjab University website.

Punjab University has decided to take the examination of Graduate and Post Graduate Final classes due to COVID-19. About 80 thousand final year students will appear for the proposed exam in July. There will be 60 undergraduate levels and 20,000 students of final year.

This time the examination will be of two hours. In such a situation, sample papers will be made available to the students for preparation from the new pattern of examination. Sample papers of all classes on Monday, Punjab University https://puchd.ac.in/ will be uploaded on the official website.

This time Punjab University’s exam will be like this

  • Any person who has already completed the Punjab University Examination Form and the Roll Number Students will get it online. You will get the paper at all the colleges, nodal centres and convenience centres half an hour before the exam. Also, the paper will be uploaded on the PU website half an hour before, so that students can download. Apart from this, the paper will be sent 10 minutes before the regular student’s email.
  • All students can give paper sitting at their home. They have to finish the paper in 10 to 12 sheets. Students will be given 2 hours to complete the paper. Like before, all questions will not be compulsory, but only 50 per cent will have to be asked.
  • Students have to provide their name, roll number and all information on the first page. You have to sign on each sheet. You can email the student by scanning the answer sheet and converting it to PDF. They can also submit it at the Facilitation Center or Nodal Center. Apart from this, you can go to your college and submit the answer sheet.

This year, all students will be able to give paper sitting at home, 2 hours time will be given to all students.

Thousands of students from Punjab University and Affiliated Colleges study from Kashmir to all the states of the country. On Saturday, suggestions have been taken from the principals of several colleges in Punjab regarding the common schedule of the examination. Students will not take any problem in the examination and full care will be taken.

Most of the time they have gone to their homes, the number of COVID-19 patients is continuously increasing in many states. PU will currently take the final year examination at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Keeping in mind the convenience of the students, sample papers of all the classes have been prepared, will be uploaded on the website from Monday.

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