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What are the options for students after 12th commerce?

What are the options for students after 12th commerce?


After class 10, most of the students live in the same thinking that Science / Commerce / Arts should take the stream in 11th? Science subject is considered a bit difficult, but there are many bright future paths in the field of science, so children go more towards science subject. But this is not the case, all fields are getting new options over time. But students have to work hard to get to their favourite destination, they study day and night, then a good future can be imagined.

Most students do not understand what to do after 12th. Which line to choose? What is the more growth type?

Especially students of commerce find it difficult to choose what to choose after 12th commerce? Because there are many options available but it becomes a bit difficult to choose which one will be better.

In society, it is believed that there are fewer options for commerce, whereas this is not the case. Like every stream, there are many options available in commerce too. Today we will tell you about what are the options after doing 12th commerce which will help you a lot.

B.Com. (Bachlor of Commerce):

B.Com after 12th. Is a better option. It is a 3-year course. It is also known as Bachelor Degree Program. If you later work with a business, it will help you in business planning, accounting, etc. And if you want to do a job, then you can do the job of an accountant.

B.Com. After If you M.Com. If done, it is a master’s degree and it will help you a lot in both business or job and also increases your value.

B.Com. There are also many types.
Normal B.Com.
B.Com. (Account and Finance)
B.Com. (Banking and Insurance)

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration):

B.Com. Like BBA, the course is after 12th. It is also a 3-year undergraduate degree. In this, you are taught about Human Resources and Business Management. After this, you can also do an MBA degree. This can lead to a job in your bank as well and there is a lot of scope for MBA tax in the private sector too.

BHM (Bachelor in Hotel Management):

If you want to make your future in hotel management, then you can do a 4-year course of BHM. With this you can make a good future in the field of hospitality.

The hotel management course is quite popular among students. It has very good growth in the coming future, so after 12th, students like this course a lot. In this, students are educated about the work patterns, techniques, challenges, and entire landscape of the hotel, hospitality, and catering industries. It is a national level joint entrance examination. No special streams are required in the 12th for hotel management. Students of any stream can do this course.

BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application):

This is a course that can be done by children of science stream as well as children of commerce stream. It is also a 3-year undergraduate course. This is a computer-related course. After doing this course, you can work in the field of software engineering. After doing BCA, you can work in any IT company.

CA (Chartered Accountant):

Most students opt for CA after 12th commerce. This is the most popular course among commerce students. Its preparation starts only after the 12th. It is run by Chartered Accountants of India. It starts with the first CPT (Common Proficiency Test), after which you have to undergo a hundred hours of training under information technology training.

After that, you have to work for 18 months as an Articulate Assistant and Audit Assistant. Then you have to give the PCE exam. And then after that another exam then you become CA. CA has a very good future and earnings are also very good. As your practice and experience increases, your income will also increase.

ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India:

CS means company secretary. This is also a better course for commerce students after 12th. It takes place in three stages. In the beginning months, 8 months foundation course is to be done. If you are a graduate then you do not have to do this foundation course. The second stage is the executive. And the third and last stage is professional. After this, the student has to work with an experienced secretary for 16 months. And after that, he himself becomes the company secretary.

Integrated Law Course:

It is a five-year course in which both commerce and law are taught. In the integrated curriculum, the student has the opportunity to complete two courses under one academic program. Since the two courses are combined, it is called an integrated curriculum.

Some examples of integrated law courses:

B.A. LLB (combination of Bachelor of Arts and Law programs)

B.Com LLB (the combination of Bachelor of Commerce and Law programs)

B.Sc LLB (the combination of B.Sc. and Law programs)

Bachelor of Economics:

It is also like a B.Com degree, in which you have to specialize in economics. The Bachelor of Economics is a combination of basic and advanced economics in which basic and advanced levels of economics are studied.

The duration of the Bachelor of Economics degree course is 3 years and is available at all the best universities. This is a great opportunity for you to become an economist.

Bachelor Of Law (LLB):

If you want to study law, you can choose it after 12th standard with an integrated law course which has a duration of 5 years. You can become a qualified lawyer after completing your studies and practice.

In LLB, subjects are taught about labour law, industrial law, property law, banking law, company law, environmental law, family law, human rights law and more. Later, you can choose a specialization to become a lawyer in the field of your choice.

Journalism & Mass Communication:

The Journalism and Mass Communication course is also one of the most popular and creative courses after 12th. Some universities offer 3-year bachelor’s degrees, while some also offer integrated 5-year courses, including a masters degree.

The advantage of journalism and mass media is that you can choose to specialize and make a career in the field of journalism, advertising, public relations or film production. Journalism and Mass Communication is a great course for students interested in writing and other creative arts.

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