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Students will now be able to read thousands of books for free from home


Through this library, students will be able to read online in e-books, ethisis, e-journals available in government universities across the country. A library up to Mumbai or Madras University or any international platform can be accessed through it.

The principal of Rajasthan College K.G. Sharma said that all the open-source content in All over India like magazines, journals, software, newspapers etc. is being combusted and the process of creating a library or virtual library is going on. Cyber ​​library is a completely new concept for Rajasthan. It is being prepared on the lines of National Digital Library of India. This facility will also be provided so that people can find out how many books are in our library, which issue has been done or under process.

Anubhav Sah, the assistant librarian of the college, says that keeping in mind Corona, a library is being prepared for students in which students of Rajasthan can access the libraries of all the universities affiliated to All India University. They will not have to go anywhere for this. Teachers and students will be able to read library books online.

All India University Association affiliated library will benefit

Under this, the library of any university-affiliated with All India University Association will be accessible. Users can use the cyber library or virtual library from anywhere for free. On this, resources of the centralized data of the Ministry of Education will be available without any charge. Any article or information available in the public domain is available on the library. The private college library is also free.

Registration process

Teacher students have to fill the online form. Admission ID and details have to be filled. Password will be generated. The library can be used with the login ID. Also, in case of any problem, the user will be able to ask questions to the librarian. Apart from this, people from outside will also be able to visit the library. Information related to books can be found in the Open Public Access Catalog. It is worth noting that there are about 7000 e-journals online in the library of Rajasthan University.


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