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Small Home Based Business Idea: Start web development from home


When you open a website, you get many different types of information, but have you ever thought about how it is made and you know about it, then you can do it as a job sitting at home and earn a good income. Can, First of all, know that a web developer is the one who builds a website. Creates its database, builds web-based software, performs domain hosting management.

Small Home Based Business Ideas of Web development

That website is created by coding. Those who understand the same coding are called web developers. Any process that takes place from showing search results in Google to sending information to you is done by coding. How the website will look: How the website will work is decided by coding. like-

There are two types of website development.

1). Front End Development
2). Back End Development

#1. Front end Development

First, let’s talk about front end development and it is also called client-side development. In Front End Development, coding is done for things like website designing, website theme. The better the website of a site is, the harder its coding is and complex. In Front End Development the data is converted into a graphical interface. Information done on the website is shown by the front end development itself. For Front End Development, it is very important to have information like web technology like HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

#2. Back End Development

Now it comes to Back End Development, so coding is done to make the website work. Back End Development is not visible to the users and contains all the coding of the website, which helps in running the website. Back End Development is called the backbone of the website which is very important. Back End Development manages the entire database of the website. This is considered to be the most complex part of the website. If you understand all of these, then you can do website development work for any company sitting at home and can earn a good income.

How to start Web Development?

Now it comes to how you can start it, all the businessmen and companies are there, they are now hiring more freelancer candidates instead of full-time hiring to complete a single project. By doing this, they cut costs and the demand of web developers and graphic designers is in full swing, because people now mostly use mobile applications, so you may need to manage it and get a lot of money in this work. Have also been. Rather, if you have 3-year work experience and after that, you are switching to freelancing, you can earn more than working full-time.

After this, you will also be able to negotiate a better package after every project. To be a web developer apart from other freelancing options like content writing, a degree in computer science or related field is necessary. If you do not have a formal degree, then you can also start its online course. For this, you will find many types of study material online only. However, you will earn less than those who already have a Bachelor degree. As the experience increases, you will be able to increase the rates of your services.

earning potential

A big project given by a company can earn you between 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees per month. On freelance websites such as LinkedIn and other career sites, you will find thousands of graphic designing, mobile and web development projects. Professionals with 3 to 5 years of experience on freelance websites will get Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,700 per hour while with 6 to 9 years of experience you can earn between Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,500 per hour.

Web Development: Working Tip

Learn about front-end (user interface designing) and back-end (database and server) development, even if you have mastered one. Full-stack developers are the most sought after specialists.

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