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Job Outlook: Job demand will remain in these sectors in 2021, you will get a chance here

The IT sector is about to boom in 2021 this year.

Jobs Outlook in 2021: Last year in 2020, many people lost their jobs due to Corona epidemic. Most of the sector suffered a major setback due to the epidemic. However, after the start of the new year 2021, it is expected that new employment opportunities will be created this year as economic recovery is happening faster than expected. There are many career opportunities which will provide better employment this year. For example, if you have better opportunities in sectors like Artificial Intelligence, Data Scientists and Digital Marketers.

IT sector will boom in 2021

The IT sector is about to boom in 2021 this year. Companies are switching to digital information initiatives and in this case professionals with digital skills are getting better offers. At this time the demand for digital skills is increasing rapidly, working professionals are increasing their capabilities rapidly. This year in 2021, there are a lot of opportunities for professionals who have better analytics skills, programming skills and marketing skills.

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Full-stack developers

His work is in web development, maintenance and functioning. If you are fond of coding and if you have knowledge of Java, CSS, Python, Ruby on Rails etc. then you can get good offers from big companies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There is a shortage of AI professionals in the country. At present, there is a demand of around 2500 AI professionals in India and this number is expected to increase further. The job of AI professionals is to understand AI algorithms and programming.

Data scientist

According to reports, 16 per cent of the revenue comes from advanced analytics, predictive modelling and data science. This figure was 11 percent in 2018. From this, it can be estimated how fast data science is growing in the country. There should be a stronghold on statistics and mathematics for this sector job. Also have knowledge of visualization tools and tables like Power BI. Experience in scripting languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike SQL, Python and R.

Digital marketers

If you have the speciality of creative thinking and if you are able to do brand building then the field of marketing is for you. Digital marketing is in great demand at this time. There will be many opportunities to move forward in this job. For admission in this industry, an MBA or a digital marketing course from an e-learning platform can help you.

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