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You can earn the start of papad making business


Papad Making business: If you are thinking of doing business with less investment. So we are telling you about a particular business. This (Papad Making business) you can start by applying 50 thousand rupees. Nowadays people in our country start small scale industries from their home. And slowly, they also make progress in their small business like this. And most of these women of today are doing more. Today we talk about how to start a business of similar small scale industry papad.

Start Papad Making business

Papad and Badiya are very popular foods in today’s time. Papad is made mainly of Circular shape. It is made by mixing lentils, salt, spices, etc. Various types of papad are made by changing the quantity of these pieces. Which fit the tastes of different individuals. Papads were first made by the women of the household for their own use. But in the present situation, the busyness has increased so much that it has become more convenient to buy and use these things made from the market.

Now there is a good possibility to produce papad and big as small scale industry or cottage industry because the use of these items is increasing day by day. At this time it has become a part of normal nutritious food. It has been reserved by the government to do this industry, especially in the small scale industry. The method of making papad has been developed by the Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore (Central Food Technological Research), which has greatly improved the quality of these items and does not spoil them for more days.

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Plan for Papad Making Business

Before starting the papad making business. Do some research about the population of the area, other products available in the market and the marketing strategy of the other papad making company. Calculate fixed capital investment with machinery and construction costs. Working capital includes raw materials, manpower, electricity, transportation, marketing expenses and other miscellaneous expenses. An expansion business plan will not only help you arrange the startup capital but will also help you to check if the project is possible.

How much can be earned from papad trade?

The earnings of Papad Making business depends on its cost. If the cost is more, then the earning will also be more. It is not necessary. That the revenue is less at a low cost, if your marketing is good and the quality of papad is good, then its demand will be more. And you can earn more. According to estimates, an investment can be made up to about 20 per cent. That is, by investing 1 lakh, you can earn around 20 to 30 thousand per month.

How much will the papad industry cost?

Papad making business has been started by most people for 1 lakh but it depends on your budget how much you can spend on it. Because the machine to make papad comes from 10 thousand to 10 lakh, you can win on indiamart for more information. Yes, I would like to say that once before starting this business, check out any papad industry so that you can get an idea of ​​how much you can spend to start this business.

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Pay more attention to the quality of papad in the business of making papad

  • Pay more attention to the quality and taste of papad because papad sells more due to its taste and quality. If the quality is not good then there may be a problem in its marketing.
  • Before starting the business of papad, know about its marketing and its demand. Because nowadays many people have come to every Papad Making business. And due to this, you may have to face competition from them.
  • We all know that papad is a food item. So the entrepreneur may need BIS and FSSAI license. Along with this, there can be much other paperwork, which should be done before starting the Papad Making business so that there is no problem later. Business experts believe that if you follow its rules with discipline in your business. So you will not have any kind of problem. And if you face any such problem, then you will be in a position to fight it.
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