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You can earn, profits from low cost businesses

Small business ideas you can earn from low cost : If you are among those people who want to do their own business better than doing jobs! So this article is for you. Actually, our country’s population is increasing and employment is decreasing! Because of this, most of the youth now want to start their own startup! If the idea of ​​doing business is coming in your mind too! So today we are going to tell you about such business! Those can be started at a very low cost (20 thousand rupees)! This is the specialty of these small business ideas! That they can be started at work cost! They can also earn good money! So let’s know about those business ideas that can be started at a cost of just Rs 50 thousand!

Small business ideas you can earn from low cost

Small business ideas

Agarbatti making business

Haven’t heard about the business of making agarbati! So we are going to tell you that you can start the business of incense sticks at your home! You can make raw incense sticks and sell them in the market! In this, you can earn a profit of 20 rupees in 1 kg raw incense sticks! One machine can make 70 to 100 kg raw incense sticks in a day! You can start this business even with 1 machine in the beginning! The price of a machine for making incense sticks can be brought for 25 thousand rupees! And you can start business by making incense sticks!

Tissue paper making business

Tissue paper or napkin is one such project! Which is used everywhere today! Whether it is a hospital or a hotel or a wedding party, it is used everywhere! Apart from this, there is a lot of demand growing in its market! You can start this business as small business ideas! And you can also earn good income from it! And you can get tissue paper making machine easily in the market! You don’t have to pay much for it either! You can get a machine of this up to 10 thousand rupees too! You can earn good money by starting this business!

Bag making business

You can also start the business of making bags! You can start this business at your home too! You do not even have to rent a shop for this business! For this, you first need a sewing machine! And you will find the sewing machine market easily at a good rate! Before this business, you have to pay attention to the fact that you must come to make a bag!

Small business ideas you can earn from low cost : If you don’t make a bag! So to start this business, you have to have a man who can start this business of yours! Which you can also learn to make bags! Initially you can run Business alone! But when your business will grow, then you will need five to six machines for this and you will have to install labor too! As your business gets bigger, you start earning it very well!

Mineral Water Business

Nowadays almost everybody likes to drink mineral water! Because the water of mineral water also comes cold and pure! You can easily get mineral water anywhere! This mineral water is used more in big cities. Because they also ask for a 20 liter box at home! Nowadays mineral water is more used in wedding party! And this water is supplied in all places like shop, hospital, office! Mineral water is also in high demand in the market nowadays! This business can be done in small and big cities too! You can earn good money in this business too!

Glass cans making business

You can start the business of making glass cans very easily! A machine is needed to start this business! Designers can also make cans through this machine! The machine for making glass cans can also be easily found in the market! You can also start this business at a low cost! You can also make a very good income from this business!

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