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What is the ideal rent law? Know how the tenants will benefit


-Adarsh ​​Rent Act: Modi government (PM Modi) is bringing Adarsh ​​Kiraya Kanoon next month.
Tenants and landlord will get freedom from many problems under this law. After the approval of the Ordinary Rent Act, it will be sent to the states and union territories, so that this law can be implemented in the state as well.

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Adarsh ​​Rent Act: Modi government (PM Modi) is bringing the Adarsh ​​Rent Law (Adarsh ​​Kiraya Kanoon) next month. Under this law, tenants and landlord will get relief from many problems. After the Model Rent Act is approved, it will be sent to the states and union territories so that this law can be implemented in the state as well. Explain that the draft Ideal Rent Act has been prepared with a view to ending all disputes between landlords and tenants. The government says that the Model Rent Act will be approved in a month.

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The interests of tenants will be protected

Giving information, Secretary of Housing and Urban Affairs Durga Shankar Mishra said that the fare law will be changed soon. The present rent laws in various states have been enacted to protect the interests of tenants. He said that 1.1 crore houses are lying vacant as per the 2011 census. The reason is that people are afraid to rent them. He said that his ministry will ensure that every state within a year makes necessary provisions to implement this model law.

People will benefit from ideal rent law

Under Adarsh ​​Rent Act, 60-80 per cent of the vacant flats will hit the rental market. He said that real estate developers can also convert their unsold homes into rented accommodation. Tell you that
The Ministry released the draft Adarsh ​​Rent Act in July 2019. It was proposed that landowners have to give notice in writing three months before the rent is amended. It has been advocated to appoint District Collector as Rent Officer and impose a heavy penalty on tenants in case of over-time. The Housing Ministry has issued guidelines last month to implement the scheme in the country.

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