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What is organic farming, earning lakhs of rupees by doing Tathagata organic farming in Madhya Pradesh


Tathagata of Madhya Pradesh are earning millions by doing organic farming: Tathagata, a resident of Chhapri Village in Shajapur District, Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh), has studied in engineering, but now he has become a farmer by profession! The last three days of the Tathagata week are very busy! From Friday to Sunday she collects her vegetables and takes them to the market! Or customers come to their house to buy them! First, the quality of the vegetables is checked!

He spends 40-60 thousand rupees at a time to grow vegetables and organic pulses! After that, they sell them in the market! Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (Manit), after doing B.Tech from Bhopal and then Masters from IIT Bombay (IIT Bombay), chose a career in farming and organic farming instead of working in a multinational company. Ushered in!

Tathagata of Madhya Pradesh are earning millions by doing organic farming

Tathagata of Madhya Pradesh are earning millions by doing organic farming

Tathagata says that farming is done according to order-

Tathagata says that I have orders for vegetables from hotels, apartments and many other places! They grow vegetables accordingly and take them to the market! After bringing vegetables in the field, customers test them! If there is a difference in their taste then the customer refuses to buy! Apart from this, they are tested in many other ways, so that the chemical can be detected! Tathagata told that in the beginning some of her orders were canceled as well, so now she always cares more about quality!

Let’s know what is organic farming

Organic farming is an old-fashioned farming system, which maintains the natural form of the land, maintains the purity of the environment, increases the water holding capacity of the soil, the use of the chemical in it There is no and low-cost yields quality. In organic farming, instead of chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides and weed pesticides, cow dung, compost manure, green manure, vector culture, organic Cultivation is done with manure and organic pesticides etc. If someone wants to do organic farming, instead of the entire land, start organic farming from 10 percent land and do traditional farming on the remaining land! So that even if the experiment is not successful, we will have back support!

The benefits of organic farming are as follows

  • It is also very important for the livestock of the farmer and for other organisms, there is no need to destroy crop residues.
  • Good quality yields!
  • This keeps people’s health healthy! And it costs less and profits are higher!
  • Organic farming not only maintains the fertilizer power of the land, but also increases it,
    By this method the environment is pollution free!
  • Organic farming requires less water Organic farming conserves water!
  • The quality of land remains or improves with this farming!
  • Supporting organisms in agriculture will not only be safe but they will also increase!

Tathagata crops are grown on 18 acres

Tathagata is growing about 17 crops on about 18 acres as on date! These include crops like Moringa, Amla, Turmeric, Ginger, Lemon Grass and Gram! Along with the production of the product, they are now processing and packaging it too! They pack things like coriander powder, turmeric powder, cumin powder, fennel and deliver it to the customers! Tathagata says that 10-12 people have contacted him after the lockdown took place!

Now they don’t want to go out and work! They now want to do farming only by staying in the village! They do not sell any of their crops in the name of organic farming. Tathagata sell their product directly to customers! He told that the value of coriander in the vegetable market is still Rs 250 a kg! They are also selling at the same price! They have removed the middlemen and they are getting all their hard-earned money from it.

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