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Toy Making Business: PM Modi’s appeal, start Indian toy making business and get a chance to earn crores


Children are very fond of playing different types of toys. And this has been going on since today but not before. The only difference is that earlier person used to play toys made of clay and steel, and in today’s technology world, children like to play gadgets, battery-powered toys and various types of plastic and soft toys. The market for toys has also increased a lot in today’s time. Recently, Modi Ji has talked about increasing the Indian toy market globally, he wants the toy business in India should grow so much that it becomes a hub on a global scale. In this article, you will get information about the call made by Modi to make people self-reliant and the business of making household toys.

Modi Ji’s call to become a vocal for local toys

The toy market coming from China in our country has increased a lot but in view of the stress of Galvan Valley in the last few months, there is a wave of boycotting products imported from China all over the country. In such a situation, toys imported in large quantities from China are now very less sold in the market. Keeping this in mind, Modi Ji in his recent ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program has called on the countrymen to take Indian toys from domestic level to global level. They want domestic business in the country to rise to the global level. He says that the world toy industry does the business of Rs 7 lakh crore. In which our India is negligible. With this call, Modi ji is talking about making the country self-sufficient in this area. They want to say that vocals have to be made for the business of local toys. He needs everyone’s help in this.

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Toy business demand in the market

Let us tell you that according to the population, the number of children in India is much more than in other countries. Obviously, if children are more, then toys will also be sold more. Due to this, the toy business in the country is also growing a lot. Till now India remained the largest market for toys coming from China. But now due to the call made by Modi ji, a global hub of toys has to be made in the country. So that our India country can become self-sufficient in this matter. Therefore, the demand for Indian toy business can also increase in India.

How to start a toy-making business

To start the toy-making business, first of all, you must be artistic in it, that is, you should come to make different kinds of toys. For this, it is not at all necessary that you’re Highly is educated. But the skill should be very good in making your toys. Apart from skill, you need to keep in mind what kind of toys children like more. Apart from this, marketing your business is also very important. With this, you can start this business.

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The raw material required for making toys

Before talking about the raw materials required to make toys, you should know what kind of toys you want to do business, soft toys or gadgets or plastic or battery-operated toys. From there, you can start any type of toy-making business. And accordingly, the raw material can be purchased from the wholesale market.

Machinery for making toys

After getting the raw materials required to make toys, it comes to machinery, then tell you that different types of machinery are required to make toys. Such as sewing machines for soft toys, also machines for plastic body gadgets and battery toys, in which different moulds are made.

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The necessary place for toy making business

The toys making business requires an area of ​​at least 1000 square meters, which is at a location which is some distance from the main market. Because to install the toy-making machine you have to take NOC and it will be available only when your factory is at some distance. Apart from this, there should be a big place to store raw materials, machinery and stock for making toys.

Toy manufacturing companies in India

Today, many ‘Make in India’ companies have opened in India, which are manufacturing toys. Like ‘toy wala’. Toys manufacturing companies are on the path of rapid development in India. If you want, you can start a business by taking a franchise from these companies. Domestic toy making business in India can grow slowly, in front of which China’s toys are nothing.

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Toy making process

If you do the business of making soft toys, then you can make it using a sewing machine that stitches the fabric. And apart from this, if you want to make gadgets or plate stations or battery-operated toys, then you can make it with the help of an automatic machine.

License required for toy making business

  • Business Registration: – First of all, you need to Industry base or Registration under MSME This will have to be done, you will get the benefit of financial assistance given by the government.
  • Trade License: – To give your business a brand name, you must obtain a trade license.
  • GST registration: – GST has been introduced by the government ever since. To all businessmen GST registration, It has become mandatory to do, so you have to register in it.
  • NOC: – You have to take NOC to set up a toy-making factory, which you will get from the pollution board.

Employees required for toy making business

If you are planning to set up a toy-making factory, then you will need some employees, who will help them in operating and packaging the toy machine. However, the merchants working in this will have to pay you some salary per month.

Where to sell it after making toys

After making the toy you can sell it in wholesale. Its wholesale market is available in every city, but if you sell it in outside cities also, then it can earn you a very good income.

The total cost incurred in the toy-making business

If the expenses of all things are included in the toy-making business, then you will have to spend an initial cost of 3 to 5 lakh rupees. For this, you can take a loan from the bank, or you can take advantage of various government schemes. This capital includes machinery, raw materials, salaries of employees, etc.

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Scheme Under this, you can arrange for capital to start your business.

Profit in toy-making business

In the coming times, the demand for toys making business is going to increase even more, so you will get more profit in doing this business. If you are making a cost of 100 rupees to make a single toy, then you can sell it in the market for 150 to 200 rupees. With which you can earn a profit of 50 to 100 rupees per toy. Every month you will start earning not only millions but also in crores.

Toy making business marketing

In the toy-making business, it is also necessary to market your toy after manufacturing it. Because without marketing, no one will get information about your product. You will not get any profit from this. For marketing, you can show your toy samples in the market. Apart from this, you can give ads in paper and news channels.

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So this was a business giving benefits of crores. You should also start this business and be a part of Modi Ji’s mission to make India self-sufficient. And recently Modi Ji also supported him to fulfill the objective of making toys in India as a global hub.

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