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These 5 businesses can start along with jobs

Business Ideas: Can start with job, how many people who have free time can do business along with job. Especially in the Corona era, there is always a danger of people losing their jobs, in Ace, if you want, you can do business from the side. In such a situation, they are planning to start some new startup and own business. Here we are telling some business from which they can earn in lakhs for 10 years to come.

These 5 businesses can start along with jobs

These 5 businesses can start along with jobs

Business of manufacturing stylish footwear

Nowadays the craze of wearing designer footwear in people is increasing very fast. Especially among many new generation people. If you go ahead and start a career in footwear or sandal manufacturing business, then it can be a golden opportunity for you to earn. Its craze in the market is also increasing. Now when you start this business, you will have to invest in it. So do not worry about this because the government is going to help you in this. Yes, you can do this business by taking a loan from the government. When it starts running well, it will earn them at least Rs 10 lakh annually.

Amul Franchise Business

In the lockdown, you will see many of Amul’s ads, Amul was also the company, which also had Amul, whose products are very popular. The company which manufactures dairy products, which is a company in our country, also gives its franchisees. Which is in every corner of India. If you want to do a new business then you can start your own business by taking the franchise of Amul Company. For this you choose a place where there is more demand for it, because it will benefit you more. If your business starts running well, then after a few years you will start earning up to 10 lakh rupees per year.

Cumin Cultivation

Due to the corona virus, there are many people who are interested in doing their home farming. If you are thinking about making a career in agriculture, then let us tell such people that their idea of ​​farming is very good. If they do some different type of farming, then they will get quicker and more profit, like cumin cultivation. Cumin is a kind of spice that people put in vegetables. Some people also call cumin as a cash crop because its production is high due to high yield and it starts getting money directly in cash.

Pearl farming

A pearl is a kind of gem, everyone is attracted towards the pearl. With beads, women make various necklaces and garlands. Originally pearl grows in the middle of the soft tissue of the sheep, requiring an artificial environment. The business of cultivating pearls is becoming quite prevalent these days, to manufacture pearls, people buy the sheep from the fishermen, take out their tissue grafts and put it in another sheep, which makes a pearl bag. Since pearl is a kind of gem, many people buy it at very good prices. Therefore, it can earn you at least Rs 5 to 10 lakhs.

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