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Start this business in just 50 thousand, earn big money every month,


Start this business in just 50 thousand business plans: Money can be earned from money if you too are thinking of doing business, but you want to make a small investment then it is a great business for you. Starting a business from a small level can earn good profits. You can also do 50 thousand rupees in this business. The demand for packers and movers has increased rapidly in the last few years, amidst increasing industrialization and increasing population of cities. In today’s era, every man wants to do business with the safety of his goods. If you are changing the house, then you are also looking for packers and movers. At the same time, it is needed to shift the office or company.

Business Plan: Start this business in just 50 thousand, earn big money every month

Is insured

Demand has increased very fast in Delhi-NCR, especially for Residents, people hire Packers and Movers. There is a possibility of its breakdown in moving expensive goods from one place to another. However, packers and movers companies insure these goods and take them from one place to another with safety. The customer is also not worried and his goods are also right.

How to Start Business?

To start this business you need to work with the entire plan. Because you are new you are starting at a small level, so there is no need for much infrastructure, so you can start this business easily. You will just need a little information.

What you need to start this business

You can start a business in the proprietor, partnership or company format, first, register the business. Make a PAN of the company and open a current account in your nearest bank account. After that complete the process of registration and select the name of the trademark etc. After that, create your website by looking for domain names. Now register Aadhaar MSME. This is a service-based business, so make sure to register service tax. You can file under-tax of GST.

After this, you now make a small office. If there is no office, you can make an office at home also. You can get registered on a digital business website like Just Dial based on your mobile number. It is through these websites that you get help in business.

How to get Business?

You will be registered for 3 to 4 thousand rupees on the digital business website. When the customer needs packers and movers, he searches the net and records his information there. Customer’s details will be sent to you by the digital business website. After which you can talk to the customer and close your deal.

These things will be needed

To start working, you will need packing cotton, packing paper, tape, rope and some tools. According to the requirement in this work, the big or small four-wheel car is also needed in which you can carry the goods. For this, you have to contact a transport company. They will take money from you in return for your work, as well as labor is also required. The lever rate can vary by city.

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