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Start an Indian toy making business: Great Business opportunity

Recently, PM Narendra Modi has been running a variety of campaigns to build a self-reliant India. In this episode, PM Modi has appealed to many unemployed people of the country to start their business. Yes, PM Modi said that whatever people want to do their work. They dream of their business, they can start the work of making toys. There are many people in our country who are fond of making toys, who keep making small toys.

Business Ideas of Indian Toy Manufacturing

At the same time, PM Modi says that this work is not done from today but it is not known how many people have been running it. The only difference is that earlier people made clay and steel and liked to play with them and in today’s technology world, children like to play gadgets, battery-powered toys and many kinds of plastic and soft toys.

Also, if one thing is taken into consideration, the market demand for toys is increasing more in today’s time than before. Apart from this, Prime Minister of the country Modi has also talked about increasing the Indian toy market globally.

PM Modi’s appeal, start to work on making Indian toys

The Prime Minister of the country keeps encouraging the people of the country for some kind of information or work during the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program every Sunday. This time too, he did something similar. Where the problem of employment of millions of people of the country has increased due to global epidemic like Coronavirus.

At the same time, there is a lot of bitterness in relations with China, due to which PM Modi has advised the country to become self-sufficient. In this time everyone is doing their business. At the same time, there are many such businesses in our country whose demand is increasing in the market.

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In such a situation, if we can do the work of transporting Indian toys from domestic level to global level in our own country. PM Modi said that domestic business in the country can grow to a global level if the people of the country take their steps towards becoming self-reliant. Also, he says that the world toy industry does the business of Rs 7 lakh crore, in which our India is a negligible share of the country. PM Modi wants that we should also be a part of it and the people of the country should do something self-sufficient now.

The demand of Indian Toy & its Business 

If we talk about the population of our country, according to it, the number of children in India is much higher than in all other countries. Ah, if the number of children is more, then toys will also be sold more, so the country can give a lot of boost to Indian Toy Business by doing well. If seen, the market of toys which came from China was on a very large scale in India, but now due to this appeal by PM Modi, a global hub of toys has to be made in the country, so that our India country in this matter To become self-sufficient. Therefore, the demand for Indian Toy Business can also increase very much in India.

How to start a Toy Business?

To start the Indian Toy Business, first of all, it is more important to have a good and best artists in this line. That is, you should come to make many types of toys. Also, you do not have to be highly educated for this work, but your hand should be good in the matter of art. Also, it is very important to keep in mind what kind of toys children like more. Apart from this, marketing your business is also very important. With this, you can start this business well.

Raw Material for Toy Business

Before knowing about the raw materials required for Indian Toy Business, know the type of toy you want to do business with. Such as soft toys or gadgets or plastic or battery-operated toys. From there, you can start any type of toy-making business and buy raw materials from the wholesale market accordingly.

Toy Machinery

Also, after getting the raw materials required for Indian Toy Business, now comes to the toy-making machinery, so for your information, tell us that different types of machinery are required to make toys. Such as sewing machine for soft toys. Apart from this, there is also a machine for plastic body gadgets and battery toys, in which a mould is used in many ways.

Location for Indian Toy Business

Now let’s talk about the space for Indian Toy Business, so there should be a space of at least 1000 square meters for it, which is in some place which is some distance from the main market because to install a toy-making machine, you have to NOC has to be taken and it will be available only when your toy factory is at some distance. In addition, there should be a large space to hold raw materials, machinery and stock to make toys.

Companies for Indian Toy Business

During this time, several Make In India companies have opened in India, which are also doing toys. Not only this, but toy factories are also growing on the path of rapid development in India. If you want, you can start a business by taking franchises from these companies. The business of making household toys in India can grow slowly, in front of which China’s toys are nothing.

Toy making process

If you want to do the business of making soft toys, then you can make it using a cloth sewing machine and in addition, if you want to make gadgets or play stations or battery-operated toys, then with the help of automatic machines can make these types of toys.

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