Start a business of pure drinking water, cost



Business Idea Of Drinking Water: We do not need to tell how important water is for all our lives! There are many states in the country where people go far and wide for water! If the body does not get the right amount of pure water, then there are chances of many diseases. In such a situation, doing water business is a very good option! In the immediate time, many companies are making a significant profit by selling purified water! You can also become a good businessman by taking considerable advantage by trading water! Here you are being told all the information related to your water business and the complete plan of this business (Drinking Water Plant)!

Business Idea Of Drinking Water

In order to trade pure water at any place, water plantation is required. Simple supplied water is not clean! That is why people in the city use RO treatment water for drinking! But people use this RO Treatment Drinking Water only at home! Whereas people call for drinking water from the water plant in their office or factory! If you are thinking of opening your own water plant (Business Idea of ​​Drinking Water)! So you can open this water plant in any city because, in the cities, people mostly use this water! And there is a demand for this in urban areas as well! Similarly, you can start a business of Pani Puri and earn good profits!

How to start a Mineral Water business?

To install this plant (Drinking Water Plant) one has to select the location of low TDS level! License is required to do pack drinking water (bottled drinking water) business! To run this business, it is necessary to apply for a license in the beginning! To set up a Drinking Water Plant, it is necessary to obtain an ISI number with a license from the government! You need to buy 100 czars for initial trade! This jar holds up to 20 liters! This jar is used to distribute water! Most people in cities call at least 3 jars daily in their office or factory!

Water purifier machine price

At present, all kinds of small and big water purifying machines exist in the market according to the trade! The price of which can be found from Rs 30000 to 5 lakhs! You will also need the cost to plant. To start a Drinking Water Plant, it will cost you a maximum of 2 lakh rupees! Apart from this, it will cost up to 2 lakhs to spend more things! It will take a total of 4 lakh rupees to start this business! If your water plant purifies about 1000 liters of water every hour! So you can get benefits ranging from 40 to 50 thousand rupees per month!

Start a water chilling plant too

Water chilling plant is also used to trade water! Pure water prepared with its help is sold in 10 to 15 litre jars in cities! It is right to install this plant in any location with better groundwater! In this water chilling plant, the water is cooled to such a low temperature that the bacteria in the water die!

How to set up a chilling plant?

The process of starting a Business Idea Chilling Plant is like the process of starting a Drinking Water Plant. A water chilling plant also requires a license from the government! Machinery is also second in this plant! To run this business initially, the total amount is Rs 3 to 4 lakhs to carry on! Maybe it can cost you more than this! In this business you will get a lot of benefit in the coming time, you can earn from 30,000 to Rs 40,000 every month from this business!

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