Small Business Ideas With Low Investment In India


About Small Business Ideas – A special feature of the people of India is… ..their mentality…. Where at least 90% of the people think that I have to get a job after finishing my studies. Only 10% of people think of starting a business.

It is not that this decision is very easy… and it is not that people do not start.

But there is always a lack of right decision and good strategy.

Today’s level of education has provided a lot of change and new employment opportunities and when people think about their business, the first thing is to start a business at a low investment. So, it will be very good… ..and it is also correct.

Everyone knows that business should start small in the beginning… .afterwards you can also increase it gradually.

When people think about starting their own business, they keep on thinking about which business to start.

Many people think about it a lot but due to lack of the right information, they are unable to take the right decision.

If you search on the internet, then from there you will also get very good business ideas, which may also help you.

So let’s talk about “Small Business Ideas with Low Investment / Business Idea for Less Money”.

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Small Business ideas

1. Home Tuition Business

Various types of campaigns by the government for proper education management in every small and big city of India and a well-facilitated educational system of private schools have increased the awareness of people towards education.

People arrange their tuition to top the studies in children, and those people who are teachers themselves or have good knowledge in a particular subject, this is a golden opportunity for them to start their own business.

In the beginning, if you want, you can give tuition by going to your children and later when you start accumulating your investment, then you can open a tuition center in your home or by taking an office.

2. Photography Business

There is not much investment in starting this business and you can make a very good income from it, just you need a little bit of experience in photography.

You have two options here, either by arranging a small shop, you can make big and small photos of passport size photos of people, etc. Or you can earn a lot of money from photography by going to weddings and parties too.

Small Business Ideas With Low Investment In India

3. Blogging (Website)

The craze of online business is very high nowadays because there is less investment in it and you can start it right from your home, for which you need only a computer and internet.

In this business, you create a blog (website, for which first you have to buy from Domain and Hosting Internet.

Then you have to design your website and start giving information on it that you know well and people also search it on the internet.

After that when people start coming to your blog, then you can put ads on your blog on your website, after which you will start earning income from google.

Lakhs of people have created their blogs in India and thousands of people are also making a very good income.

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4. Mobile Repair Shop

The trend in India is about new mobiles and Android phones nowadays, so much so that no one is chasing them. Every day new phones are launched and even worse.

If you are planning to open a mobile repairing shop, then this is a good time to start your business.

In which there is very little investment, only you have to arrange a good shop and along with some necessary equipment used in mobile repairing work.

First of all, you must have a good knowledge of it… for which if you pursue mobile repairing from a training center, then it is going to be very profitable for you and the business.

Small Business Ideas With Low Investment In India

5. Cyber ​​Cafe Business

Nowadays where most of the 80% of people have their mobile phones but only 10% of them have a laptop or computer.

When it comes to filling an online form or facilities like pen card, Aadhaar card… etc, people have to go to the cyber café.

There is an investment in the business of cyber café… .but its income is also very good.

For this business, you have to choose the right location near a college… or else in a good colony where educated people live.

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6. Hair Salon Business

For this business, you only have to hire a small shop and after that, you have to search for two-three boys who have good hair cutting work, keep them on the salary of the month.

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that the location of the shop is good, which will have a direct impact on your income and you will turn to good business in a short time.

The best thing about this business is that this business never stops and it stays at its peak for 12 consecutive months.

With this business, you can earn good money in a very short time with less investment.

Small Business Ideas With Low Investment In India

7. Decoration Business

Nowadays, big farmhouses are booked at weddings, in which very good decorations are seen, whose cost also becomes very expensive.

You can also start this business with zero investment in which you have to take money in advance from the investor and give them their work well.

You just have to have a lot of experience of this work, how a temple, farmhouse or house is decorated.

There is not much in this business, you just have to decide without losing time.

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8. Canteen From Home

If your dream is to open a hotel or a restaurant, then, in the beginning, you can open a canteen from your home in which students can work at home and supply food to those working in the office.

When people have good food like home and that too they are delivered where they have no tension to come anywhere, then they like it very much.

If you believe, then this is a better option to start a business, with the help of which you can gradually take your business far ahead.

If you think of opening a hotel directly, then the risk is high and the investment is also very high.

Here, you only have to start from home and contact students and office people so that you can make a good grip in your first few days.

9. Real State Agency

The real estate business is in a big boom today because the price of the property in cities has increased and people are building houses and offices in cities for employment.

The only job of a real state agent is that by contacting the property owner and finding the rate of their property, they find people who want to buy the property, then after that, the agent sells the property and takes some percentage of his commission.

There is not much investment in starting this business, but you need special experience.

Small Business Ideas With Low Investment In India

10. Online sale/Marketing

Nowadays in the digital age, most people buy their products only through online shopping, where they can choose anything and products according to themselves.

There are very good websites in India on the internet like Amazon, flip cards…. Those who sell to people online and they earn in crores.

The most important thing is that here you do not have to keep any product in stock, only you have to keep contact with those companies and as soon as an order comes, you have to send the product directly from that company.

According to the production rate of this work you also get a commission. This business is very good and is also in great trend in India.

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11. Car Parking Business

If you have any land around an urban area, then you can use it in the parking of vehicles, which is very much needed in urban areas.

This business only demands land, otherwise, people come to you on their own and you can take rent from them as per your choice.

12. Translation Business

Nowadays, many big and small companies are also expanding their business abroad, for which they need someone who understands and speaks a foreign language very well to meet and talk to foreign people.

This business idea proves very good if you have a good knowledge of 2-3 foreign languages.

If you want, you can also hire a translator who works for you and instead you commission him.

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment / Business Idea for Less Money

13. Teach Car Driving

This business idea is much better as well as evergreen, because gradually everyone wants to learn driving too and for which people contact such a car driving teaching center and it also gives a very good income.

14. Tea Stall Business

Indian society and tea…… Both of them have had a very deep relationship since ancient times, where it reduces the tension of the minds of people, while tea is also used to dissolve the sweetness in the depth of relationships.

There is also a tea-break in government offices and factories, where almost all the tea comes from outside shops.

All you have to do is to see a place where there is a crowded area or an industrial area, because if you set up a tea stall in such areas, then you can easily earn a good amount of money on a single day.

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment / Business Idea for Less Money

15. Carpentry Business

You must have seen big showrooms in which wooden beds, cupboards, doors, windows, etc. are decorated.

If you know the work of a carpenter, then you can start this work quite well.

If you want, you can open a shop in which you can decorate all the things made of the wood beautifully or another option is that you can work for people by going here and earn good money.

16. Security Agency

Whenever a company, factory, bank or any person needs a security guard for security arrangements, it is to find an agency that provides the trend security guard and also takes full responsibility for them…

For this agency, you will have to hire a trend guard and also train them. You can easily take this business far ahead.

17. Dance Class

Dance and song… both are in trend nowadays. If you are good at dance and believe that you can teach people to dance, then you do not need to delay much longer.

You have to arrange a big hall in which a good number of children can come and then you have to make a poster and promote it through the internet.

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment / Business Idea for Less Money

18. Sell ​​Solar Products

In today’s time where industries are very high and the energy consumption is also very high, people seek new resources for the supply of energy and electricity in which solar energy is a very fast-growing technology.

This business is very easy, just you have to work with a little mind and focus more on its marketing.

First of all, you have to see the solar products that you can easily get from the market or directly from the company and the quality is also better.

After that, you will have to meet people and give them complete information about it and explain the benefits of the loss.

In this way you can take solar products from the company to people’s homes, offices and factories, so that your business can be improved to a great extent. This solar business idea is the best and the profit is amazing.

You have to make a list of solar products like solar cooker, solar fan, solar light… etc and also get complete information about them so that you can explain your customer well which is also the biggest rule of marketing.

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment / Business Idea for Less Money

19. Mobile Charger Business

This business is much better in today’s time, but its marketing is a bit difficult because many big companies are already working in this field.

For this business, you have 2 options… .One you can start marketing it yourself by buying directly from a charger company and secondly you can make a mobile charger in your company name.

Creating a mobile charger is not much of a difficult task, just you have to design the circuit and make a PCB and from raw material, market to assemble it and pack it.

For this business, I am giving you the link below, where I have tried to tell you very well related to this business.

If you want to make a mobile charger on your own, then keep in mind two things that its circuit does not match the charger of another company… and second that you must register your company.

20. Mobile Phone Accessories / Recharge

In India in 2017, more than 300 million people have been estimated to have mobile phones and you can guess why people run behind this business so much.

You can open a small or big shop and showroom at a good location where you can provide the facility of recharge of mobile in every way as well as different accessories of the phone like ear-phone, cover, tempered glass, display… .many more You can keep stuff and make your business big enough by doing it slowly.

The best tips for moving forward in any business is that you have to pay attention to the investment.

If you want to earn very well in less investment then forget it.

The good and properly invested money is always beneficial and this is the rule of business.

You should have all company recharges and keep in mind that no customer goes empty-handed from you, meaning that his work is not done.

Always try to satisfy the customer only then he will come to you again. Otherwise, there is so much competition in today’s time that once a customer has gone, then he will not come to you at all.

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment / Business Idea for Less Money

21. Bakery Business

Biscuits are such a thing that you can see in every house because in India, whenever a guest comes from someone’s house, tea and biscuits are seen.

As technology is developing rapidly, micro-wave ovens of very good and good quality are also available in the market, which can easily make things like biscuits and bread and that too in good quality.

If you are planning to do such a business, then first you have to buy a good and durable oven, after which you start making biscuits and bread according to different tastes.

The most important thing for this business is… packing. If you pack your biscuits/bread with good quality and send it to the market, then surely you are going to benefit greatly.

Before starting this business, you need to register the company because there is a rule that you cannot do the business of food items without the permission of the government.

22. Travel Service

You must have seen many companies that started this business in a small way and today they have spread their business across the country.

Before starting any business, we need to know… what is the demand of people ??

Will the business I am going to start benefit people from it… .will their problems be solved… ??

In this business, you can contact the people of the bus service and take a bus, train for them to take people to far places. Can arrange a car… etc.

The online booking system has proved to be most effective in this era of the internet where people prefer to book a car online for their journey.

So for this, you will have to make your website also so that people can get more convenience.

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment / Business Idea for Less Money

23. Gift Shop

Many festivals and weddings in India are customary to present gifts on the occasion of weddings, birthdays, and people are looking for such shops where good and beautiful gifts are easily found, whether they are for children or adults. for the people.

Investment in this business is more because you have to keep all kinds of expensive and cheap gifts in your shop and take care of the decoration of the shop.

For this business, it is very important to choose the right location of the shop, if you choose a shop in the urban areas where high society people live, then this business will get a good result in a short time.

24. Tour Guide

There are a lot of tourist places in India where many foreigners come to visit… ..The Taj Mahal of Agra, Lal Qila and Qutub Minar, etc. are very beautiful places that are discussed in the country and abroad.

If you are well aware of such areas and you have good command over the English language, then you can also work as a guide for tourist people, for which you can get a good amount.

If you want, you can also open a small agency in which you can hire only such local people who can do this work well.

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment / Business Idea for Less Money

25. Electronics Goods Repair Service

In today’s time, there will be no person who does not have at least one electronic item and if you know electronic things, then this business can prove to be very beneficial.

Computers, laptops, mobiles, fridges, ACs, washing machines, geysers, presses… ..etc are electronic items that you will find in almost every household.

You have to either take a course first or learn work from somewhere and after that when you are confident in fixing electronic goods then you can open your shop.

Another option is that if you do not get this job, then you can hire an engineer for your shop and start a business.

26. Auto Repair

Nowadays, autos are found in every city and village, so the days are also getting worse.

If you are thinking about such a business, then this business is such that it can easily run everywhere.

You either have to learn the job of auto repair on your own or you can hire a mechanic for this.

Remember that you have to keep good behavior with people while working honestly in this work, otherwise, people will not come again after coming once.

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment / Business Idea for Less Money

27. Network Marketing Business

Nowadays people shop online from the Internet and search for the product they want and buy it on the Internet.

Network marketing is very big business in itself, but you can also start it small.

For this, you have to contact some good and branded companies and start making products by creating a website on the Internet.

You will also have to provide a home delivery facility for the customer so that people buy more products through you.

For this business, you have to do some market research about your business plan first, only then make a plan to start your business.

28. Childcare or Babysitting

Nowadays, most of the husbands and wives both work in cities so that they need a babysitter to take care of their children for the whole day who can take good care of their children.

If you are a woman or a girl, then this business is very good for you and can be started without any investment.

You need to have some experience of this and at the same time, it is also important to have children’s toys and things that come in their work.

For this, you can also create your website online and promote it.

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment / Business Idea for Less Money

29. Import Products From Foreign

There is a lot of demand for foreign goods in India, some people buy because of being cheap and some people like quality more.

If you keep information from abroad or go abroad yourself, you can earn a lot of good profit by selling different kinds of goods like clothes, lights, electronic items, etc. in India.

This business is also very beneficial and at the same time, you have to first decide what to bring and in which market to sell and at what price, you have to make planning in advance about all these things.

30. CCTV Surveillance

The business of CCTV camera is very popular nowadays because people in companies, offices, banks, homes, etc. get CCTV cameras installed for their security, for which they contact companies which provide different types of CCTV cameras and Also gets it installed.

This business also opens the doors to very good growth and if you see, many such companies are already running.

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment / Business Idea for Less Money

31. Stationery Supply

Stationery items are very much needed in schools, colleges, and even offices and if you open your stationery shop at a similar location, then this business is going to prove very beneficial.

Children’s copybooks, pencils, pens, etc. items are used by people for 12 months, so you will never have to wait for the season to come in this business.

I hope you all liked this article “Small Business Ideas with Low Investment / Business Idea for Less Money”.



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