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Private Ambulance Service Business: Know How You Can Start Your Business, Complete Plan Details


The population of our country is so high that there are accidents on income day or emergency services due to other diseases, ie emergency services are in great demand. This is because at such a time people are killed and every second becomes very valuable for them. This is an emergency, which requires an ambulance service. Therefore, people who do the business of providing ambulance service never have to face recession. These days the coronavirus epidemic has spread, due to which the demand for ambulance service has increased even more. Looking at the situation, if you start this service on these days, then it can be very beneficial for you. Let us give information about how you can start this business.

What is a Private Ambulance Service Business?

When there is a fire, people first call the fire brigade so that they can come immediately and extinguish the organ. In the same way, when a person becomes an accident or suddenly, his health worsens, and he has to be taken to the hospital immediately. In such a situation, people first call for an ambulance so that they can reach them at the hospital quickly.

In return for providing this service, the service provider receives some fee, the same is called the ambulance service business. People working in the ambulance service have to take patients to the hospital and after that when they are treated, they have to take them back to their home. People doing this business earn money as an entrepreneur but it can save a person’s life. In such a situation, this business is very good from the point of view of humanity. This business is a health-related business, so its demand is always there.

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Some important things before starting the ambulance service business

An ambulance is first required for the business of providing ambulance service. Based on the requirement and style of the ambulance, it is of 2 types. Let us know about the type of ambulance service –

  • Emergency Ambulance: – Emergency facilities exist in this type of ambulance, that is, things related to first aid are already in the ambulance car. Such as oxygen tanks, defibrillators and trained paramedical staff also reside in it. So that without spending a second, the patient can be treated and his people can be saved.
  • Non-Emergency Ambulance: – It is not meant to be an emergency. It is only to transport one patient to another patient. In this, the patient who needs basic medical and health-related equipment. It is available.

Now it depends on your ability and efficiency to choose which type you start your business. However, if you wish, you can choose both types.

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How to start a Private Ambulance Service Business?

An ambulance service business is such a business in which you have to follow all the guidelines set by the government. Because it is related to one’s life. Note the following points for doing this business –

Demand for an ambulance in the local area

The demand for ambulance service is everywhere where people live, but the people doing this business will have to see which hospitals or medical institutes are nearby where there are more people, and how many times in a day in that hospital The patient is treated. It is necessary to make a list of it. However, some hospitals also provide ambulance services themselves. But sometimes their services fall short, so they tie-up with an ambulance outside. You can also go with it.

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Ambulance purchase

In order to do the business of ambulance service, firstly it is necessary to buy an ambulance. Now you must be thinking about where to buy an ambulance and how much you will get, then tell you that you will have to spend at least 7 lakh rupees to buy an ambulance.

Although the ambulance comes up to a maximum of 18 lakhs. If you are short of budget, then you can also take a second-hand ambulance car. You will get it at a lower price. An emergency ambulance requires a customized vehicle that has all the necessary services, equipment and adequate space to lay health workers and patients. While any person can run a non-emergency ambulance. And for this, the small van also goes. You can buy it from any show selling an ambulance.

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Required Permissions and Registration for Ambulance

When you buy an ambulance, you need to get permission and registration to get a license for it. For this, the ambulance vehicle’s RC, insurance, permit, fitness, pollution and driver’s driving license are required. This is a health-related business, so it is necessary that you get permission from the Health Department and the local authority to get its trade license made. You will also have to get tax registration mandatory, for this road tax may also have to be paid.

Helper required for ambulance service business

Raising a dead patient is not just a matter of a single person, in such a situation, if you are thinking of doing this business, then you can keep some 2 to 3 people with you. Which can help you in this? For this, you have to give them something. But it is important. If you do not want to drive an ambulance vehicle, then you can also keep a driver to run it.

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Ambulance tie-up with hospitals

You bought an ambulance and obtained a license for it, after which you will have to tie-up your ambulance with a hospital in your local area. You can tie-up your ambulance service in any government or private. It is not that you can tie-up with any one hospital, rather you can do this business by joining more than 1 hospital.

Apart from this, the ambulance service business can also be done under government schemes. For this, you have to register your own ambulance under the schemes. These plans are made to reach the people of the ambulance at the earliest. The government offers you good money in return. Hospitals or medical institutions have a special contribution to the success in the ambulance service business.

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Cost and benefits in the ambulance service business

Talk about the cost in the ambulance service, the total cost is from 7 to 8 lakh rupees. But this investment is only the initial investment. Once you start providing better facilities to the people, then this business will also become worth earning millions.

Ambulance Service Business Marketing

Finally comes the turn of marketing. But this business is such that there is no need to do marketing. Nothing is better for people than the health of themselves and their families. If they are sick or need an emergency, then call the ambulance themselves and take the ambulance to themselves. Yes, but your ambulance has a tie-up with which hospital. How would people tell this?

So in this way you can start your own ambulance service business comfortably and earn good money. This will not only benefit you as an entrepreneur but also your satisfaction with humanity.

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