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How to start notebook making business? – Complete Guide

Talking about Notebook Manufacturing Business becomes necessary because it is a major and common item used as a stationery. A notebook is also known by various names such as notepad, writing pad, drawing pad or simply copy.

We can call it a book or a group of pages that do not have any preprinted and can be easily used for purposes like writing, memo, drawing or scrapbooking. This is the reason that the size and shape of notebook manufacturing may vary according to their use.

That is to say, notebooks are available in different sizes and thicknesses in the markets and their size changes as per the requirement. As far as the use of notebooks is concerned, they are used extensively in the education industry and all types of offices, so it can be guessed that their demand will never decrease. Looking at its use, it can be said that it is such a business that the entrepreneur who starts it is rarely at a loss.

And this business has so much potential that by making it successful, the entrepreneur can one day get not only wealth but also all the things of prestige, fame and stardom which he aspires to achieve. In the notebook one can easily write down what he thinks, what he hears, what he learns, etc. Therefore, any person can change as a customer of an entrepreneur who starts notebook manufacturing.

Notebook types

It is very important for an entrepreneur wanting to start a notebook manufacturing business to be aware of their types, so that they can start manufacturing them accordingly. By the way, the question also arises that a world where everything can be videographed and recorded and written or typed through computer.

So, in such a situation, there will be a need for an item like Notebook? But it is also a fact that with the advancement of such technology, there has been no decrease in the use of notebooks, but their use has increased with increasing time and increasing population. Therefore, it would probably be pointless to think that in this age of technology the place of notebook will be negligible. Even today, different types of notebooks are made by the entrepreneurs doing different notebook manufacturing business.

1. Spiral notebook

If we talk about Spiral Notebook, then these are the most common notebooks used in office etc. Since their prices are low, both students and professionals are great consumers of it. Although they come in different thicknesses, they can generally be found in the market with a thickness of up to 70-200 pages.

By piercing these pages, they are organized or collected by a wire, usually the wire used is known as spiral, perhaps this is the reason why they are known as spiral notebooks.

2. Composition notebook

If we talk about the composition notebook, then they come with a cardboard cover, so they are considered stronger than the spiral notebook. In this method, the pages of the notebook are sewn or glued together to bind or collect them.

There are no holes in their pages, so they cannot be removed from the cover etc. They can only be torn.

3. Lab and Scientific Notebook

This type of notebook manufacturing is done for the purpose of keeping a permanent record of scientific progress, that is to say, they are designed and made for this purpose, so they are generally used more in labs or other scientific laboratories. These typically consist of graph paper that scientists use to document patent claims.

4. Business notebook

If we talk about business notebooks, they are used by businessman, his secretary etc. to write notes and write schedules. In many such notebooks, many things like date, time, task etc. are marked in a pre-planned manner, it is also called built in planner.

Apart from the above mentioned notebooks, many other types of notebooks like high end notebooks, novelty and specialty notebooks etc. are also made by the entrepreneurs doing notebook manufacturing business. Entrepreneur can manufacture these as per the requirement and choice of his target customers.

Applications and Markets

If we talk about notebook usage, different types of notebooks have been used by all the professional and other person, students. Where artists use large notebooks that are convenient for drawing etc.

The same musicians use different types of notebooks to write their songs etc. Lawyers also use such notebooks which usually have yellow lines and these notebooks are also bigger in size. In colleges, schools and other educational institutions, not one but many types of notebooks are used.

Notebooks that are prepared by sewing or pasting can be called composition notebooks and they are used the most in educational institutions like schools, colleges etc. Therefore, it will depend on the entrepreneur doing the notebook manufacturing business, which one and what type of notebook he wants to manufacture.

According to a reliable figure, the size of the paper notebook market will grow at 9% CAGR to around $18.8 billion by 2024.

How to Start Notebook Manufacturing Business?

To start a notebook manufacturing business, the entrepreneur has to first find out the notebook’s preference and requirement of the people residing in his target area. For this, the entrepreneur can contact the students, stationery shops etc. located in that area.

When the entrepreneur will come to know about which notebooks are sold well in that area, then the entrepreneur can give priority to their manufacture according to the need of the people living in that area and the product produced by his factory in the local area itself. can sell. Apart from this, even to start this kind of business, the entrepreneur has to complete all the procedures which have to be done to start any other business.

1. Land Management

To start Notebook Manufacturing Business, the entrepreneur has to first arrange the land and building at the proper location for his business. Note that in an industrial setup, the entrepreneur also needs space to set up a small office, apart from an inventory room, workshop or manufacturing area, space for power supply utilities.

In this way, the entrepreneur may need 700-1200 Square Feet space to start this kind of business.

If the entrepreneur has his own non-cultivable land available at a place where there is availability of electricity, water, roads, employees, then the entrepreneur can start the construction work of the unit there. And if it is not so, then the entrepreneur can take a ready-made building on rent.

2. Required license and registration

An entrepreneur starting a notebook manufacturing business does not need to take a lot of licenses and registrations. But if the entrepreneur wants to give legal form to his business then he can register it under Proprietorship.

The entrepreneur may also require GST registration for billing and invoicing after providing the statutory form. Apart from this, opening of current account in the name of the business will also be required. Udyog Aadhar registration may also be required to identify your business as MSME.

3. Purchase of machinery and raw materials

The machinery used in notebook manufacturing can cost several lakhs of rupees. Therefore, keep in mind that before purchasing machinery and raw materials, the entrepreneur has to choose a good supplier. The list of machinery and raw materials is as follows.

  • offset printing machine
  • paper sheeter machine
  • paper folding machine
  • Paper Cutting Machine
  • Notebook Stapling Machine
  • Other machines and equipment

The list of raw materials used in this business is as follows.

  1. jumbo paper roll
  2. notebook cover roll
  3. Staple pins, glue and other materials
  4. packing material

4. Start Manufacturing

If we talk about Notebook Manufacturing Process, then in this a group of pages and cover are added together. Different types of notebooks can be made by combining these two components called pages and covers.

Although different machines may be involved in this process depending on the different methods of notebook making, the general process of making notebooks also involves a printing press machine that is fitted with a roller and the pattern containing the ink is applied to this roller. and it will be printed on paper or cover with the same type of ink as the pattern.

With the help of this machine, lines etc. are drawn in the pages of the printing notebook in the cover, after that the line is also dried in the heat chamber and then these pages are cut according to the size of the notebook.

Printing in the cover is also done under this process and its cutting is also done according to the size of the notebook. The cover and pages are then joined together. Any method from spiral binding to glue, sewing or staples can be used.

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