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Hair Gel Making Business Plan: Manufacturing Requirements & Process To Start.

If you are young and stylish then you must know about the gels used on Hair Gel Yankee hair. Yes friends, currently hair gels have come on the market to make hair stylish. This is to say that Hair Gel is a product that is used to make hair movements and hold the hair in one place. It can be used to turn hair backwards and to tie or join stranded hair together. Styling gels used in the hair are helpful in adding texture to them, enhancing their shine and strengthening them. So till now, we have already understood that Hair Gel is a hair styling product that we use to hold the hair in a special hairstyle.

Hair gel is in liquid form, it is used in making humectants, proteins, conditioners, oils, etc. and depending on the raw material used in it, they can be of many types. Hair gels help to keep hair safe by keeping moisture in the hair, can help curl the hair, make the hair long and straight, keep the hair in perfect style, make a flexible grip on the hair Can, provide shine to the hair, making it easier to comb while helping to manage the hair. By the way, Hair Gel is a good and right product for most people’s hair, it can be easily applied on both wet or dry hair. If the hair is properly taken care of after applying it, this gel can stay in the hair for seven days.

Presently this product is very popular among teenagers and youth, so today we will talk about the business of making hair gels through this article.

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Usage and Sales Prospects

Presently as we all are well aware that people have become very aware of their hair etc. that means the attention of people has become more towards fashion and styling than before. That’s why people like to see natural and organic ingredients in Hair Gel too because they have come to know about the medicinal properties of natural and organic ingredients. This is to say that due to the awareness of the benefits from natural and organic ingredients, the demand for this product called hair gels has also increased.

Since people want to use more natural ingredients in the products used in hair care, big companies are also manufacturing many hair care products using botanical ingredients. Some Hair Gels, especially those made from natural organic substances, offer other benefits besides an attractive look. The main reason for this is that organic hair gels are made from organic herbs and provide essential nutrients to both the scalp and the hair.

This is the reason that according to a reliable data, its total global market in the year 2018 was US $ 2.49 million which is expected to grow at a rate of 4.20% CAGR by 2020 and it is estimated to be the US $ 2.79 million by 2020. will go. The market for hair gels is expected to grow due to the increasing hairstyling in the youth.

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How to Start a Hair Gel Manufacturing Business?

To start a Hair Gel Manufacturing business, the entrepreneur also has to complete the processes of managing land and building, managing finances, required licenses and registration, the appointment of employees, purchase of machinery and raw materials etc. So let’s know how a person can start his own hair gel business.

1. Manage land and building

Although the entrepreneur will need how much space or how much building to start a Hair Gel Manufacturing Business. It depends on what level the entrepreneur plans to start this business. If the entrepreneur plans to start such a business on a large scale, it will require large land and building, while a unit with low production capacity may require less space and building. In order to set up the industrial, the entrepreneur needs space for the manufacturing site as well as space for storerooms, space for electrical utilities and space for setting up a small office. Therefore, in this way, 900-1200 sq ft of space may be required by the entrepreneur to start this kind of business.

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2. Arrange fund for Hair Gel Manufacturing:

Before managing finances, the entrepreneur should prepare a business plan and project report for his business. Because unless the entrepreneur does not know what the total estimated cost will be to start his business, how will he manage the finances for him? Therefore, firstly the entrepreneur should make an effective business plan and mention all the information related to his business, and when he comes to know how much he may have to spend to start the business, then on the same basis Can manage fixed costs and working costs.

To manage finance for Hair Gel Manufacturing Business, the entrepreneur has options such as subsidy loans, bank loans and his personal savings under government schemes. But before managing finances, the entrepreneur must gather information about the schemes that encourage entrepreneurship by the central or state government.

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3. Required License and Registration

The entrepreneur may require the following licenses and registrations to start the Hair Gel Manufacturing Business.

  • First, the entrepreneur may need to register his business with the Registrar of Companies.
  • GST registration for billing invoice.
  • Trade license and factory license.
  • Since it is a cosmetic product, registration may also be required under the Drug and Cosmetic Act.
  • NOC from Pollution Department.
  • Enterprise registration or MSME registration.
  • Trademark registration to secure brand name.

4. Buy machinery and raw material for hair gel manufacturing:

The list of machinery and equipment used in Hair Gel Manufacturing Business is as follows.

  • Steam Jacketed Kettle
  • Clarifier
  • Homogenizer
  • Paste Filling and Sealing Machine
  • Storage tank
  • Pump

List of required raw materials is as follows

  • Deionized water
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Glycerin
  • Carbomer 940
  • Triethanolamine
  • Flavours and other ingredients
  • Packing material

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5. Start Hair Gel Manufacturing Process:

Formulation of raw materials plays an extremely important role in the manufacture of personal care products, whether it is Hair Gel, or anyone else. The raw material used in hair gels is purchased from the local vendor and stored in stores. Then in the first stage deionized water, ethyl alcohol and PVP VA copolymer are mixed in a steel tank with the required ratio. The mixture is then stirred continuously with the help of a clarifier to form a uniform mixture. The tank is then heated to a temperature of 50- 60 ℃ using a jacketed kettle.

If we talk about a jacketed kettle, it is like a double boiler in which a container can be placed inside another container, and Steam is circulated through external containers. The mixture is then added to the Hair Gel Manufacturing Process with carrageenan powder, glycerin and vegetable oil, after heating it for twenty minutes, the mixture of ingredients is smoothed and steam is released out of the outer container of the jacketed kettle. And this mixture is left to cool when the temperature of the mixture reaches room temperature, then the triethanolamine and flavourings are added to the mixture in the required proportions and stirred well in the homogenizer.

To avoid causing bubbles in this solution, it is stirred continuously and after 40-45 minutes, the gel formation starts, after which it can also be put in the freezer. Now the quality of hair gels is inspected and when they are found to meet the prescribed standards, they are filled and packaged.

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