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Crunchy Manufacturing Business Plan: Steps To Start Snacks Making Business

At the present time, Kurkure has also become a well-known snack item in India, so for a willing entrepreneur starting Kurkure Manufacturing can also be a profitable deal. However, if we talk about India, then each geographical area has its own special snacks available. Snacks are used more by people with beverages such as tea, coffee, cold drinks, etc. Although there is a very long list of Indian snacks, some of them are good examples of Indian snacks like banana wafers, chakli, samosas, dumplings, namkeen etc.

Since there are changes in the lifestyle of the people in India, due to this, changes in their eating habits can also be seen. Due to the increasing number of working women in households and the increase in single families, people are getting attracted to ready to eat food items. This is the reason that people are preferring to buy snacks made from markets instead of making snacks at home. So at such a time, if someone thinks about doing Kurkure Manufacturing Business, then maybe it can be thought to change his life completely. Crunchy is used by people of all ages and children are more attracted towards them.

Although large companies such as PepsiCo, etc. targeting the Indian markets are already present in this area, despite this, the demand for crisps is very high in the Indian markets. Therefore, only a few companies are unable to fulfil the responsibility of meeting the demand of such a large market. As we have already mentioned that there are people in different geographical regions in India who like different tastes. So if an entrepreneur makes a crisp keeping in mind the tastes of the people of a particular region, then he can succeed in making his Kurkure Manufacturing Business successful in that particular region. The success of such a product in the Indian market depends on its taste, its price and its availability.

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What is Crunchy Manufacturing Business?

If we talk about Kurkure, it is a brand of corn puff, it was launched in India in 1999. And as soon as it was launched, the way Indian snack changed, it was named after the English word Crunchy. This snack was developed in many flavors in India and since then till date, it has acquired a prominent position in snack items of Indians. The changing lifestyle of people made it difficult for people to take time out to make snacks etc. at home.

That is because, in a lonely family, both husband and wife go to their work and do not feel like making their snacks etc. after returning from work. This is why they like to have market-made snacks. Keeping in mind all these problems of the people, when a business of crunchy manufacturing is started by an entrepreneur, then this business done by him is called Kurkure Manufacturing Business.

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Crunchy sales prospect

You can guess how many crisps will be sold by the fact that if you go to any grocery shop, there will be lots of crisp sticks hanging outside it. People are used as snacks while drinking different types of beverages, in addition to this, children are also attracted to their attractive packing very quickly. Crunchy is an item that any person on the road can easily buy and apart from these people of every income group can buy it easily.

That is, people of any income group do not need to think very much to buy crisps as they are priced at Rs 5 per packet and are used extensively in homes, restaurants and parties. And since its price is extremely low, it is bought by almost every income group of the society. By the way, there is a lot of competition in the Kurkure Manufacturing Business too and PepsiCo, Haldiram Foods, Balaji Wafers, ITC, Parle etc. are already known brands. But if an entrepreneur starts this kind of business keeping in mind the local taste then it is more likely to succeed.

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How to start a crunchy manufacturing business?

Currently crunchy automatic, semi-automatic machines are available in the market, so it has become easy to start this type of business. Apart from this, since our country is an agricultural country in India and the raw materials used in Kurkure Manufacturing Business like maize flour, rice flour, gram flour, edible oil, spices etc. are all agricultural-based commodities. Therefore, to start this kind of business, the availability of raw materials will also be readily available everywhere. So let us know how any interested person can start this business of making their own crisps.

1. Do field research

Where the entrepreneur is thinking of doing Kurkure Manufacturing Business, the first crunchies he will make should be according to the local taste. That is why the entrepreneur should find out how the people of that particular region like to taste. Because in the initial stage the entrepreneur has to sell his product only and only in the local area. And plan to expand your business gradually. If the entrepreneur is able to find out the taste of the people present in that area, and the crunch is made according to their favorite taste, then the entrepreneur can strengthen his hold in this field in that particular area. Even the already established and established brand can compete in that particular area.

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2. Required Land for Kurukure Manufacturing Unit:

To start this kind of business, 500-600 SQUARE Feet space is sufficient and it is not necessary for the entrepreneurs to rent such a place in a crowded place. Rather, the entrepreneur can take 10-20 km radius wherever he can find a place or building at affordable prices or on rent. While managing the space for Kurkure Manufacturing Business, take care of basic facilities like electricity, water, roads etc. And after selecting the place, get a rent or lease agreement, commercial electricity connection, water connection etc.

3. Important License and Registration

If an entrepreneur starting a business of crisp manufacturing can register his business under proprietorship. And under the Factory Act, one can get information about registering, besides GST registration etc. is also necessary. Since it is a food-related business, a food license may also be required. And the entrepreneur can also register his business in enterprise registration and MSME data bank to take advantage of the many schemes running for MSMEs. However, these registrations depend on the entrepreneur’s own desire as they are not mandatory for Kurkure Manufacturing.

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4. Required Machinery for Kurkure Manufacturing Business:

Crunching machine is used to produce crisps from various types of flour such as corn flour, rice flour, gram flour etc. With the help of this machine, mixing, grinding, heating and packaging can be completed easily. The additional remote control is also there to control the machine. The price of the machine used in Kurkure Manufacturing Business can vary depending on its production capacity. Following are some of the salient features of such a machine.

  • Continuous cooking and extrusion facilities in machine-mounted food extruders.
  • The main structure of the machine is also made of mild steel tube frame and a feeding screw.
  • The screw and barrel are made of alloy steel.
  • The fitting of the machine is standard.

The entrepreneur may seek quotations from various suppliers before purchasing the Kurkure Manufacturing Machine, the entrepreneur may resort to various web portals to contact the supplier. Despite doing a comparative analysis of several quotations, the entrepreneur should choose the supplier to buy the machine.

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5. Raw material management

As far as the raw material is concerned, it can also vary depending on the flavour of the crunchy, because currently many types of flavours of crisps are sold in the market. And because different raw materials are used in these different flavours, it is also necessary to know about the flavour of the crisps before knowing about the raw materials. The following is a list of some of the main flavors of crisps.

  • Spice stage
  • Green Chutney
  • Chilly chat
  • Malabar Masala Style
  • Spice twist
  • Desi Beats
  • Naughty tomatoes
  • Puffcorn
  • Hyderabadi commotion
  • Jig zag
  • Solid fun
  • Butter fun
  • Crunchy Triangle
  • Multigrain

Apart from all these flavors, different flavours come in different markets on different festivals, so the list of raw materials may vary depending on the flavor. But here is a list of some of the major raw materials used in the Kurkure Manufacturing Business.

  • cornflour
  • Rice flour
  • Gram flour (gram flour)
  • Edible oils like palm oil etc.
  • Spices, condiments, salt, sugar, tartaric, milk solids etc.

The raw material used in this business can be easily found in any corner of India if the entrepreneur wants to buy it directly from the farmers.

6. Staff appointment

If the entrepreneur wants to set up Kurkure Manufacturing Business even at a small level, he will still have to appoint at least 4-5 employees. Two of these employees can be skilled, two employees can be unskilled. Since the entrepreneur does not require very experienced and knowledgeable people for this type of business, the entrepreneur can also appoint a fresher in his factory. That is because more salary is required to be given to experienced and knowledgeable people, while fresher can also be hired at less salary.

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7. Start Kurkure Manufacturing Process:

Crushing is very easy through an automatic crunching machine. The raw material is mixed by this machine in the Kurkure Manufacturing Process. The system must take some time to heat up, after which the raw material is machined by the hopper of the machine. Is inserted in Grinding of raw materials begins, the need to control the machine to maintain the proper proportion of consumption is encountered during this process. Then the crisps start to form and the spices are added to them. After adding the spices, they are carried forward for packaging. Through the automatic machine, the entrepreneur or one of his representatives can easily learn the Kurkure Manufacturing Process in a very short time.

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