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Car & Bike Cover Manufacturing Business: Invest only 50,000 rupees, know what is business

In today’s time, most people have a bike and car and they need cover to keep them safe. If the bike and the car will not be covered with a cover, then dust, dirt and rainwater can spoil them. That is why the demand for bike and car cover is also increasing every day. Therefore, if you want to start a business that you can earn a lot of profit by starting, then this business can be very profitable for you.

How to start a bike and car cover business?

The business of making bike and car covers is a business that is not very popular among the people, so competition is not too much in this business. If you want to start this business, then for your information, tell that first, you have to make sure that you have to do this work by becoming a distributor or you want to make your own bike and car cover and sell it.

Market research for the business of making bike and car covers

To start a successful business, the most important is market research before starting that business. To make a bike and car cover, you also have to do market research and find out that in which field you can earn a lot of profit by starting this business. Along with this, you also have to take information about whether people have a large number of car bikes at the place where you want to start this business.

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Essential for the business of bike and car cover

Explain that for starting the business of bike and car cover, the most important items are sheets roll and fuse press machine. Let us tell you that multi-layer UV treated cross-laminated sheets are used to make bike and car covers, which gives you a roll of 1000 rupees in the market.

Bike and car cover making machinery

Explain that you will need Fuse Press Machine to make bike and car covers. You will get this machine online or offline comfortably. We will give the opinion that while starting this business you can buy only one or two machines. But later when your work increases, then you can also install more machines for fusing. You will get this machine for around 30,000.

Location for the business of bike and car cover

Location is very important for the business of bike and car cover because if you start this work at a wrong location then you will not get success. Therefore, for this work, choose a place where there is a high demand for car and bike covers. For this, you can start your business around a parking lot or around a car or bike showroom.

License and Registration for Bike and Car Cover Business

If you want that your business runs for a long time, for this, you have to get your business registered as well as a license. Please note that you can get information about its registration and license from the concerned department in your area. But before registering your business, be sure to think about the name of your company because it is necessary to have a company name to get it registered.

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Staff for the bike and car cover business

You cannot start this business alone, you will also need staff for this. ‌ In the beginning, you can hire about four to five people for this job because you will need staff for cutting sheet rolls, fusing and packing the cover. Thus, when your work increases later, you can increase your staff strength.

Bike & Car Cover Packaging

The packaging of the bike and car cover is very essential because your company name, address and mobile number will also be on it. For this, print all the information related to your company on the outside on the polybags which will be used for packing. Make the cover properly and pack it.

Cost of Bike and Car Cover Business

To start this business you will need multi-layer UV treated cross-laminated sheet and fusing machine along with it and it will take about 40-50 thousand rupees to buy both of them. Along with this, you will also need space. If you have your own place then it will save your rent. By the way, if seen roughly, you can start this business for less than one lakh rupees.

Profit in the bike and car cover business

Now tell you how much profit you can earn from this business. First of all, let us tell you that the profit you will earn by starting the business of bike and car cover depends on whether you started this business at a small level or at a higher level. Here, tell you that the price of car and bike cover in the market ranges from Rs 200 to Rs 500. Well, by starting this business, you can earn a profit of millions.

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Marketing of bike and car cover business

To make your business popular among people, you have to market it with different methods. Let me tell you that offline marketing alone will not be enough because currently, people are more active on the internet through mobiles, laptops. In such a situation, if you do offline marketing as well as online marketing, then you will definitely benefit a lot. Apart from this, you can also open a bike or car cover shop or website, because it is now very important to start a business online in order to succeed in any business.

Risk in the business of bike and car cover

You do not have any kind of risk in this business because every person today has a bike and car and everyone buys their cover for their safety, so if you start work, then you can make a lot of profit. And this work of yours will give you profit throughout the year.

The business of bike and car covers can give you a lot of profit because there will be no shortage of demand for these covers in the market. If you start this business in a proper and complete plan, then you will gain a lot more.

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