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Now start these 5 businesses in a low budget and earn great profits

Business Idea Now starts these 5 businesses in a low budget: We all know that capital is needed to do business, which is invested in the business. But there are some businesses that you can start with less money. There are many people who are interested in doing business but are unable to do business due to too much capital, so we have brought for you some business ideas that you can start at least and earn good profits. Huh. As we know that to fulfill our big dreams, we have to fulfill small dreams first, just like when we want to build a big business, for this we start with a small business.

Business Idea: Now start these 5 businesses in a low budget and earn good profits

Start this business only for less than Rs 50,000

Breakfast Shop

It is one of the popular business in India, its demand is increasing day by day. Often people are in a hurry to go to their office in the morning and many people who are away from their families and who need a good and tasty breakfast. Therefore, first of all, if you do not have a shop, you can also shop at a stall. If you can give such a service to your customers, then you can progress in this business very quickly.


If you are a good photographer then you can also open your own photo studio. If you do not have knowledge of photography then you can also take training for this first. They can open their own studio for Rs 50,000. To start Photo Studio you may need Quality Camera, Computer, Photo Quality Printer.

Beauty Parlor Business

The beauty parlour is a great business at the moment. Nowadays beauty parlour is in great demand, you can earn a lot of profits from it. For this, a beautician should come. If you want, you can open it at home too, if your business runs slowly, then you can do it at a big level. It does not require much capital to do this business. This business can prove to be very beneficial for you. Nowadays women cannot live without a Beauty Parlor.

Photocopy Shop

This business can easily start from 10 to 15000 rupees. If you want to make this business successful, while starting, we have to take care that this business is started in a place where there is a school, college or government office or court nearby. In such a place, we benefit very quickly by starting this business. Only then can your business gain momentum.

Mineral Water Supplier

We can start this business from 10 to 15000 rupees. Because no one hesitates to drink the dirty water outside, and cannot live without water, so you can do mineral water business easily. Even foreign companies are selling India’s water by filtering in India, so you can sell it too. It can start a business for around Rs 15,000 and as our work grows we can grow our business. If you want to make a profit in this business as soon as possible, it is very beneficial to start this business in summer days.

Small Business Ideas: If you also want to do business, then adopt this business idea, it will be good earning

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