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Friday, October 22, 2021

Now Paytm Money will also invest in the stock market, intraday trade will start at Rs 10


Paytm Stock Broking: Digital financial services platform Paytm has launched the stock trading feature on its Paytm Money platform. This feature is currently in beta mode. Paytm Money is an online investment and wealth management platform. There are currently more than 6 million users on this platform for mutual funds and NPS investments. This new feature of Paytm Money will give experienced investors of the equity market as well as first-time investors the benefit of investing and trading in stocks completely in digital and secure invoices. Now with Paytm money, you can invest in stocks, trade and do detailed research on them.

The company is now giving early access to select users to get feedback on this new feature. In a few weeks, it will be open to all. Initially, this service will be available only for Android and web users, it will be released for iOS in the next few weeks.

The statement said that a limited number of people in India make a direct investment in the equity market. With the launch of stock trading, Paytm Money targets people to participate in equity investing through digital KYC with easy-to-use products, low pricing (starting intraday trading at Rs 10 and cash delivery trade free) and paperless account opening. To increase.

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Features of Paytm Money Stock Broking

– Cash and intraday trading in beta mode has been introduced in Paytm Money Stock Broking. Paytm Money plans to launch the derivatives segment later.
With the help of smart search and notifications in stockbroking, users can discover a maximum 50 stocks, set price alerts and get notifications when the price of stocks reaches there.
– Investors can create and customize multiple watchlists to track real-time price changes for up to 50 stocks.
– Users can automate stock investing by setting by orders on a weekly / monthly basis.
– With built-in brokerage calculator, you can find out the transaction charge and find the exact breakeven price to sell shares with profit.
– Advanced charts and other options such as cover orders and bracket orders have also been placed so that the stock trading experience is more rewarding.
All these and other features will be available with full data privacy on Paytm Money Stock Broking so that personal data is protected to investors with bank-level security.

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