Multibagger stock: 10 thousand became 1 crore, returns up to 1000 times



Multibagger Stocks

Multibagger is a term in the stock market world. Multibagger shares are said to be those shares that give investors multiple times the return of the investment price. However, it is important to identify such shares correctly. According to veteran investor Peter Lynch, investors who are able to correctly identify the multi-bagger and maintain their investment for a long time, their wealth grows rapidly in the coming years.Actually the stock market is such a place where if you identify the right investment, then you can get manifold returns of your investment in a short time. However, investment here is subject to risk. But if the fundamentals of the stock are strong then there is not much effect of fluctuations on it. Talking about the last 10 years, there are some such stocks, which have increased the money of investors by 1000 times. Of these, up to 96293 per cent has been received. There is still scope for investment in some of these stocks.

10-year-old top 10

Relaxo Footwear

Returns: 96293%
Current Price: Rs 638
Stock gain: Rs 637.34

Avanti Feeds

Returns: 28296%
Current Price: Rs 517
Stock gain: Rs 515

Westlife Development

Return: 11258%
Current Price: Rs 576
Stock gain: Rs 372.64

Alkylamines chemical

Return: 7185%
Current Price: Rs 3400
Stock gain: Rs 3354

Astral Poly Clinic

Returns: 5671%
Current Price: Rs 1183.50
Stock gain: Rs 1163

Bajaj Finance

Return: 5591%
Current Price: Rs 3492
Stock gain: Rs 3431

Ajanta Pharma

Returns: 4864%
Current Price: Rs 1611
Stock gain: Rs 1579

Atul Auto

Returns: 4448%
Current Price: Rs 5842
Stock gain: Rs 5714

Vaibhav Goyal

Returns: 4326%
Current Price: Rs 1700
Stock gain: Rs 1661

New fluorine

Return: 3518%
Current Price: Rs 2145
Stock gain: Rs 2086

Granules India

Returns: 3263%
Current Price: Rs 318
Stock gain: Rs 308

Vinati Organics

Returns: 2831%
Current Price: Rs 1132
Stock gain: Rs 1091

Balakrishna Industries

Returns: 1956%
Current Price: Rs 1374
Stock gain: Rs 1308

Britannia Industries

Returns: 1826%
Current Price: Rs 3908
Stock gain: Rs 3705

Natco Pharma

Return: 1751%
Current Price: Rs 851
Stock gain: Rs 805

Which shares still have a chance?

Brokerage house Sharekhan has suggested investing in Relaxo Footwear at a target of Rs 825. At the same time, brokerage house Motilal Oswal has given a target of Rs 1815 in Ajanta Pharma. Brokerage house Axis Securities has advised investing in Britannia Industries with a target of Rs 4300. At the same time, ICICI Direct has advised investing in Natco Pharma with a target of Rs 950.

How to choose Multibagger

Focus on management and credentials with the company’s growth story. See how the company is performing compared to its counterparts. See the default history of the company. Companies with potential to become multi-baggers are ahead of other companies in their field. Keep an eye on growth in the company’s earnings. See what is the status of the capital of the company, is there any debt on it?

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