Most Earning Festival Business Ideas For Holi, Diwali, Rakhi, Navratri

Festival Business Ideas


Our country is a country where festivals are celebrated every month of the year. This is because in our country no one community people live, but people of many religions comprise our country. And during festivals, people are made to see their enthusiasm. Each festival is crowded in the markets. Different things are used at all festivals. People earn a lot by setting up their shops. And in the festival season to earn some extra side business Let’s start too. Today we are going to inform you about some business ideas of becoming rich in this season of festivals. By reading this, you must start your business and earn a lot.

Festival Business Ideas

Different types of business are done in different festivals. Some ideas of which are as follows –

Business to be done in the festival of Diwali: –

The festival of Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in our country. As soon as this festival comes, people start cleaning and decorating their house. So some people start by finding the means of business for themselves. Diwali festival businesses Are as follows –

  • The business of making lamps: – In Diwali, people burn mud lamps in their homes. And to buy this, they go to the market and demand it. If you know how to make it, then you can easily earn good money by making it and selling it in the market during Diwali.
  • Rangoli Business: – In Diwali people make Rangoli of different colours in the courtyard of their homes. You can earn money by starting a rangoli business during the Diwali season.
  • Lighting Business: – During Diwali, people get lighting in their homes and offices. You can earn a good income by selling some homemade lights or cheap lights.
  • The material of Puja:– Festivals In every festival, God is worshipped. You can sell the materials used in the puja such as Roli, Sandalwood, turmeric, Paan, Supari, Janeu etc. and many other things. Apart from this, there is a need for something extra at every festival, you can earn a lot by doing business of selling it too.

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Business to be done during the Holi festival: –

Holi is a festival of colours. During this time, it is very beneficial to do the business of naturally made colours, Gulal and plastic pitchers etc. You can earn more profits by doing business of buying them in bulk from the market.

Business to be done in Krishna Janmashtami: –

On the day of Lord Krishna’s birth, people can worship Lord Krishna in their homes. They bring new clothes, crowns, flutes etc. for them. You can earn a lot by doing business of buying in bulk from the market and selling it in retail during the Janmashtami festival.

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Business to be done in the Rakhi festival: –

People at Rakhi festival can do the business of Rakhi. This business also earns a lot this season. People mostly like rakhi made of silk thread, you can make rakhi in your house and sell it. With Rakhi, you can earn money by selling handkerchiefs, henna etc. and more.

Business to be done during Ganesh Utsav and Navratri: –

The Ganesh festival begins on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. People establish Ganesha in their homes. In such a situation, they install Ganesh Ji made of clay at their home. You can earn a lot of profit in these days by doing the business of making an idol of Ganesh Ji.

Apart from this, in Navaratri, people install the idol of Durgaji in their homes or street Mohali or temple. People also do the Garba etc. during Navratri. So you can earn a lot of money by doing business of selling Garba clothes and other things too.

So these were some business ideas that can be launched in 5 different festival seasons, which can give you a lot of benefits.

Festival Business Ideas: FAQ

Q: Which businesses to start in the festive season?

Ans: Diyas, Rangoli, Rang, Gulal, Rakhi etc. can also start various businesses.

Q: Which business will get the most benefit from doing business during the festive season?

Ans: Business of selling puja

Q: How much is earned by doing business during the festive season?

Ans: At least 1 lakh is earned from 50 thousand rupees.

Q: How to start a business in the festive season?

Ans: In the festival where you want to do business, then it is more beneficial to do business in the person who is in the highest demand.

Q: How to arrange capital during the festive season?

Ans: Mudra Loan Scheme Under the government is giving Shishu loan, take this and start arranging capital for your business.