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Long Term Investment: 10 great investors of small companies

Multibagger Stocks: Experts suggest that if you have an investment perspective for the long term, then smallcap can go with shares. In the long term, the returns of strong smallcap stocks can be stronger than those of large-cap or midcap stocks. If we look at the return history, then this thing also proves right. Talking about the top gainers of the BSE-500 during the last 10 years, the first 6 stocks include 5 smallcap shares. The top 5 on this list are Avanti Feeds, Caplin Point, Westlife Development, Alkyl Amines and Astra Poly Technik. These stocks have given up to 26494 percent or 258 times in 10 years. That is, if someone must have made 10,000 rupees 10 years ago, then his money has increased to more than 25 lakhs.

Avanti Feeds

Avanti Feeds is India’s leading company making prawn and fish feeds. The company is also a big exporter in this area. Avanti Feeds reported a 14.33% increase in profit to Rs 116 crore in the June quarter. The revenue from operations was down by 12.62% and stood at Rs 955.40 crore. Conso PBT has increased by 1.20% to Rs 147.01 crore. The total tax expense was 31.01 crore.

Share returns in 10 years: 26494%
Share gains in 10 years: Rs 515
Share price 10 years ago: Rs 2
Current Price: Rs 517
52 Week High: Rs 769.90

Caplin point

Caplin Point Limited is a flagship company in the pharma and health sector. It also manufactures and markets pharma products. The company also makes special products in this area.
In the June quarter, Caplin Point’s net profit grew nearly 9 percent to Rs 54.55 crore. Net profit margin is down 3.28 per cent to 22.72 per cent on an annual basis. The company’s revenue grew by nearly 25 per cent to Rs 240 crore.

Share returns in 10 years: 20383%
Share gains in 10 years: Rs 539
10 years ago Share Price: Rs 3
Current Price: Rs 541
52 Week High: Rs 686

Westlife Development

Westlife Development Limited is a W fast food restaurant holding company in India. The company has a loss of 57.56 crores in the June quarter. The impact of COVID 19 was seen on the company’s business. Whereas in the same quarter a year ago, there was a profit of 6.44 crores. Sales of the company declined by 75.38 per cent to Rs 93.60 crore in the June quarter. The operating cast of the company has been 133.98 crores as against 330.60 crores.

Share returns in 10 years: 11247%
Share gains in 10 years: Rs 372.29
10 years ago Share Price: Rs 3.5
Current Price: Rs 375.60
52 Week High: Rs 500

Alkylamines chemical

Alkyl Amines Chemical Limited is a company dealing in speciality chemical business. The company has a good product portfolio and in addition to the domestic market, there are also a large number of foreign clients. The company makes organic and inorganic chemical compounds. The company also supplies its products to pharma companies. The company’s profit in the June quarter was 52.78 crores as against 49.20 crores. Total income increased from 237.38 crores to 246.33 crores.

Share returns in 10 years: 7400%
Share gains in 10 years: Rs 3330
Share price 10 years ago: Rs 45
Current Price: Rs 3375
52 Week High: Rs 3600

(Note – This report is based on the performance of the stock on the BSE. We are not suggesting investing in a stock. There are risks in investing in the market, so caution is important. Please consider your level or your experts before investing. Please check any type of advice through.)


Source: www.financialexpress.com

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