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Vodafone Idea Brand becomes V with 28 crore customers!

  • About two years ago, Vodafone Idea merged, the customer base was more than 40 crores
  • VIL announces new brand name after Supreme Court verdict on AGR.
  • Vodafone Idea Brand becomes V! with 28 crore customers base

When Vodafone Idea merged two years ago, Vodafone Idea Limited was the largest telecom company in the country. With nearly 43 crore userbase, the company would never have thought that it would have to look at such bad days and would have to say that it could have to collapse its business if not relieved. Well, the Supreme Court’s decision on AGR and then Vodafone Idea Brand changed its name. Now with 28 million user base You are in front of people. The company says that this is the right time to re-establish the market with its brand new name.

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How much has Vodafone Idea changed in two years?

Vodafone Idea has seen many changes in two years. The biggest change is that when Vodafone Idea was merged and the new company was established, it had a user base of about 43 crores. Which now! 28 crores are left with. At the same time, in the current era, the company has failed to retain its user. At that time, the company had very little debt. Which has now increased to 1.15 lakh crores? This company has to pay 50 thousand crore rupees as AGR. While the AGR bill was quite low at that time.

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Trying to raise 25 thousand crores

On the other hand, with the new brand name, it is trying to stand in front of the big companies of the world. So that it can get investment from global companies. Vodafone Idea means V! Has approved to get an investment of about 25 thousand crore rupees. With which she will invest in growing her business while repaying her debt. The special thing is that the company has direct competition with Jio and Airtel. Both companies are pushing themselves with global investment. Jio has recently collected 1.50 lakh crores from global investment.

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The company can increase prices

VIL has made it clear that increasing tariffs is very important. The reason for this is that it is very difficult in the current era to keep yourself in the current rates. Companies have to sell products at less than their costing. According to experts, the company’s CEO Ravindra Collision says that in the current period, the fee should be increased to at least 200 to 300 rupees. He said earlier companies were not afraid to increase their tariffs. There is a lot of change in the existing time.

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