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TikTok’s US market is more important than India, know why?

  • Negotiations are ongoing between US companies and Tiktok, decision to be taken soon
  • India is a bigger market for India than Tiktok in terms of revenue generation

When TikTok was closed from India, the number of users was left aside, the Chinese company Bytedance did not make much difference. After a few days, Tiktok and ByteDance are asked to leave the United States, it seems as if the company has slipped the ground under the feet. Even the CEO of the company has to design. Is Exit from the US a sign of an existential threat to ByteDance? Is the US really important for BiteDance even after users are less than India? Let us also tell you why America is more important to ByteDance than India.

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Why is America more important than India?

A report by US market research firm Forrester states that even though the company has lost a big business with the ban on Chinese app TicketLock in India, it is no more damaging than losing its business in the US. The company’s senior analyst Xiaofeng Wang says that America is the second-largest market for TicketTalk after India in terms of downloads. It has about 120 million users in India, while its number in the US is around 100 million. Even then, America is a big market for Ticketcock.

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The difference of land in the business of India and America

According to Forrester’s analysis, there is a sky-high difference between the two markets regarding revenue generation. The US market matters more to the company than India in terms of income. According to Forrester, the cost of social media advertising in the year 2020 stood at $ 37.374 million in the US, while in India this figure is around $ 16.73 million. China has made changes in the technology export law in view of the increasing pressure from the US on the sale of Ticketcock, which has once again stalled the negotiations over its business in the United States. This update includes Artificial Intelligence used by ByteDance, the parent company of TickTalk.


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